Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Body Shop Event

Hola Chicas and Chicos, how we all doing? Suns a shining so surely this means we've all got our gradual tanners on and are at least thinking about ditching the tights? I'm still in the 'thinking' stage for that one, but that's because my legs are BLUE! Even qualifying as pasty requires a good couple of layers hard core fake tan!!!

Aaah again I digress!!! (Blame it on ADD type traits!) Anyway, back to the topic...

I'm still in fantastic spirits after attending the North East Body Shop Event last night. I mean what's not to love about a room full of lovely sexy gorgeous beauty bloggers all doing their thing??

I'm talking swatching, sampling, sipping on Bucks Fizz and gorging  nibbling on mini donuts. All to the background of camera flashes and chitter chatter.  Not to mention everyone going hell for leather on the 50% off everything in store.... it was most certainly a perk I utilised :)

Before the event I met up with Faith Hana Katie and Amy who I know from the Newcastle FABB Event  which was arranged by the gorgeous Ray and Tor so it was great catching up with everyone again.

Big thanks to Maddie for arranging such a fun and relaxed night, there was a raffle, makeovers, consultations, yummy treats and alcohol! (Cheeky!) We were given cute gift bags which included lots of samples and the winning addition of a delish loaf from the French Oven... How did you eat yours??

Gift bag joy, minus the loaf. That was already broken and shared amongst la famile!

I picked up a range of products as you can see! (Impulsive purchasing strikes... AGAIN!)


Particularly excited to get some pretty shimmer on with  the baked blush and highlighter combo...

At half price this was an absolute steal!!!

Another few name drops include meeting Anna who's blog and twitter I've stalked for some time (cue sinister music?) and Holly who's basket was FULL of goodies! She was still going strong when I left :)

Me, Anna, Katie, Holly and Faith... Anna has no bags as was still in the throws of shopping!!

The laaaavley Hana and Amy 

I didn't get the chance to chat with everyone, it can be a tad daunting waltzing over to someone and being all "ooh hi etc etc". Saying that I have had a twitter/blog following spree this morning though, so if I've missed you out then HOLLER!

Oh and danke, gracias, merci to Amy and Faith who kindly let me use their photos :)

Any thoughts? Love reading and replying to any comments :)

Until next time peeps.... TA-RA



  1. You picked up so much goodies, amazing! Definitely taken advantage of the 50% off! Was so lovely to meet you, I'm looking forward to other events! :)
    Megan xxx

    1. Yeah look forward to seeing you again too lovely xxx

  2. The perks of being a blogger = bloody awesome events!

    Was nice to see you again Kate :)

    Amy xxx

    1. Most definitely! Lovely seeing you too, looking forward to seeing you again xxx

  3. This post actually made me giggle to myself! Funny lady! Glad you had fun :) xxx

    1. Eee really!!! Haha ok thanks :) xxxx