Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring Scrubbing

Hi everyone! How are we all? Are we loving spring? Don't know about you guys but I'm well excited for it's arrival, and I mean like it's proper arrival. Not just by name and a date on the calendar but with a knowing nod from mistress weather, with bluebells, picnics and pastel colours! Right now I'm kind of thinking there was little point in defuzzing my winter legs!!! :) Still wearing the opagues, I'm just colder!

Anyway Spring for me is the start to the Summer. It's pretty, it's fresh and it's new.

So... what better way to sing the season in than to try something that promises to rid me of the old and reveal the fresher and the newer? Now I'm a big fan of a exfoliators. I love the promises they make, the scrub, the grit and hopefully the fantastic result. Unfortunately for me its the latter that varies, especially seen as I've been known to resemble a peeled tomato when scrubbing goes bad, either due to the product or possibily (and I'm holding my heavy hands up here!) some overzealous application! (oops!)

I've heard so much love about Tropic Skincare recently and I remember Susan Ma from The Apprentice (she had me sold on her vision even then!) If you've not heard then listen up! This her baby and it's Pure Plant Skincare, the entire range is all natural wonderful goodness, even the face cloth (flannel where I come from!) is made from organic bamboo fibres. Also it's vegan friendly and cruelty free... What's not to love???

I decided to try the face polish and the face cloth.

So here's the science bit (channelling my inner Aniston there)
The face cloth is 100% organic, it helps purify skin and it's softer and thicker than traditional muslin cloths.
The face polish is 100% natural and contains wonderful ingredients such as sweet almond, sugar cane, ground rice, golden jojoba, macadamia, acai berry, oranges, lemons and limes as well some essential oils. Ooh and it also comes complete with a wooden spatula to scoop out the magic.

So as you can imagine it smells DELISH, and applying it is like a dream. Its an oily consistency but still thick and luxurious. I had myself a bit of a pamper session and used it whilst relaxing in the bath. It feels absolutely amazing on the skin, so gentle but still satisfyingly "scrubby". As the sugar and rice are doing their thing to brighten, the oils are nourishing and replenishing your skin (and making your bathroom smell like a spa!)

The face cloth holds in so much heat and I found it incredible for declogging my ever congested pores. Plus bamboo has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties so that can only be a great thing right?

So in summary (sorry if I've rambled, my dad says I could talk under water!) I think the Face Polish is FABULOUS. For me it truly is the queen of scrubs :) My face has never been so luminous and glowy, and I use an exfoliator every morning. This goes the extra mile, after using I find my moisturiser and make up just glide on and the little teeny rough black heads that have lodged on my chin since 1996 have disappeared!!

The blurb recommends using the polish 2-3 times per week, though personally I've found 1-2 times is sufficient enough to keep me looking fresh, supple and revitalised! (Dare i say dewy and gorgeous too? Or is that too much?... Aaah thought so!)

The face cloth is suitable for daily use, I'm tending to use it whenever I have a soak in the bath, so again 1-2 times weekly. (don't worry I shower daily!!)

The face polish retails at £15.00 and the bamboo face cloth at £5 and are available here . They are both definite repurchases for me.

Think the facial oil is next on my list :)

Anyone else tried anything from the Tropic Skincare Range?
Would love to hear your thoughts Xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lip Service

Those of you that follow me on twitter will be well aware that I'm yet to try or sample, let alone own a Mac lipstick (cue fellow bloggers recoiling in horror and sympathy). Well thanks to my brother and his girlfriend (I'm giving max credit to her!) that is no longer a problem as I received a Mac Lippy and other Mac goodies for my 30th on Friday. (Wow that's still difficult to type!) Now that surely deserves a dedicated post right??? I sure as hell think so but my lips have been neglected (its all that eye cream talk) and are indeed looking worse for wear.

So in order to get my lips 'mac ready' I thought I blog and review a recent Qvc purchase by the fabulous Mally Roncal. This product is the 'Perfect Prep Lip Treatment System'. The kit consists of a lip scrub, a two lip balms, one being tinted.

I'll start by raving about how wonderful I think this lil set is shall I?? Well the scrub is a lovely creamy consistency with sugary granules and it really did work off all my dry flakey patches (I've been ill ok!) and left my lips plumped up and super smooth within seconds. The lip balms are non greasy and really softening, I enjoyed wearing them and the tinted one has a gorgeous rosy sheen. Plus the packaging is pretty sleek and sophisticated so no shame in whipping these bad boys out for reapplications throughout the day.

So (picture the scene) there I am strutting around with the most spectacularly natural perfect pouty pout (that's how it was in my head anyway!) feeling ecstatically happy about my purchase, literally feeling that nothing could bring me down.... and then I got to thinking that maybe this purchase was perhaps an impulsive (as always) and dare I say unnecessary one....

It's not that I don't love this kit and its not that it didn't work (because I do and it did) its just that £30.50 does seem a tad pricey for what essentially could be done with Vaseline and an old toothbrush!!! (cast your mind back to the beauty features in the shout magazine!) and at heart I'm a bit of a Carmex and Blistex girl as I love the sort of medicinal scent they have. Means they must be working right? Also I can't see the lip scrub lasting longer than an few weeks but on the flip side I guess the lip balms more than make up for that :)

No regrets though! And I'm sure my Mac Lippy will thank me :)

Any thoughts? Lip tips or tricks?

Kate xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Collagen? Yes Please!

OK so like anything else I've ever done the whole blogging thing sort of slipped after it's initial top speed momentum! Typically as with any fad my attention span has faded and my mind has wandered before I even have the chance to dust myself down and decide what to do next BUT not in this case. My blog is still very much my baby. Infact I've found myself thinking of my baby with every purchase and application of something that promises to make beautiful!

My lack of typed thoughts can be blamed on a one HELLUVA chest infection. Which I also hold entirely responsible for ruining my 30th birthday weekend (more about that in an upcoming birthday blog...) Back to this though...

So I guess this post is a little review on a recent Elemis Pro-collagen set bought as a Qvc Tsv.
First off as I've previously mentioned my skin is prone to tantrums and huffs, it's stroppy and difficult to keep a balanced control of. So like me it takes some impressing...

The set itself contains pro-radiance cream cleanser and face cloth, PC Marine Cream (day pot and night pot), PC Quartz Lift Mask and the PC Advanced Eye Treatment. An extra little wow factor is the PCMC being in limited edition packaging, looks fabulous on the dressing table ladies.

I'm a huge fan of elemis products as I tend to think they do as they promise, and they can create that spa from your own humble bathroom sort of luxury. That said I'm giving the cleanser to my Mam as it's a tad heavy on my skin for every day use. I've replaced it with Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing facial wash and the occasional Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub.

The PC range is hugely popular and there has been many a blog letting us know we should bow down to the greatness that is Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (and we should) however the stand out product for me is the PC eye treatment.



I've just turned 30 (my hands took on a tremor as I typed that!) So I'm starting to think about prevention in a massive way, I'm lucky enough not to have any wrinkled wrinkles as yet but don't want my fine laughter lines spoiling my fun in the future :) HORRIFIC THOUGHT, enough about growing old now please.

So the application is simple, two drops patted gently around eye area morning and night before moisturiser.
And it hasn't even made you late for work as it drys within seconds. Skin feels a lil tighter initially (thats the magic working its er magic)! but not uncomfortably so and within seconds the skin around eyes is plumped up and smoother than it was before (cast your mind back to photos circa the millennium!)

The PC Quartz Lift Mask is a treat too, i have been leaving on my face once a week under the PC night cream and I must say my skin is peachy plumped up and perfect upon wakening (am I giving the image of little birdies bringing me my dressing gown too ala snow white?)

Anyway before I digress to Disney Princesses (warned you about the attention deficit didn't I!) Its safe to say I'm loving this set, skin is looking the freshest it has in months and a few people (ok so just my mam and husband but I have been poorly so haven't been able to show my results off to the wider world!) have commented I have a bit of a glow. (and no I'm not pregnant!)

Anyone else a diehard Elemis fan? Or have you found something entirely different to what I did?
Would love to know what you all think :)

Kate xxx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pore me out

Now despite being on the wrong side of mid twenties (a claim that has a rather short time span shall we say!) and heading towards preventing and banishing fine lines and the dreaded wrinkles (a dirty word I'm sure you'll agree). I am indeed blessed enough to continue experiencing all the 'joys' of teenage skin! It is prone to congestion, breakouts and the ever present oily t-zone. Oh and did I mention it's also a touch sensitive... Wow, now are you all envious?? Wanna be me?? :)

So finding the perfect skincare routine is something I'm yet to conquer, though boy have I tried! I've had great relationships with Dermalogica, Origins, Liz Earle, Espa and Simple but nothing that lasts. (my skin is a bit of a floozy and refuses to be tied down to one brand for any length of time!)

BUT NOW, I'm taking it oldskool and trying the Neutrogena visibly clear range. I'll be combining with Elemis pro collagen marine cream products cos a girls got to have a little bit of luxury hasn't she? Plus I need to keep both skin personalities happy, or else I might end up blemish free BUT the shrivelled opposite to smooth perfection! (Nightmare!) And we can't be rocking that look can we? Well i sure as hell can't ;)

Does anyone else have bipolar skin? Or any pearls of wisdom to share? Everything and anything welcomed...

Until my next post I'll be continuing my quest for the magic in a pot... maybe it will be at the bottom of a rainbow!

Thanks for reading xx

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A big hello from lil old me

Well this feels a tad awkward, a bit like turning up to a party and frantically searching the room for people (or a person!) that you know or look friendly!

Anyhoo let me first say hello and introduce myself. (Before asking 'can I come blog with you guys!')
My name is Kate and I love anything beauty related. Nail varnish is a passion of mine, although my husband may describe it as an obsession!!!
I should work in sales as I can convince myself that any product is an absolute 'must have now'
I struggle with my skin and I endeavor to have that flawless peachy perfect dewy complexion... I'll let you know when I find the magic product :))
I have a husband, two gorgeous boys, a dog and three kittycats, and needless to say I'm in love with them all.
I adore reading beauty blogs and thought I'd give writing one a go. So if you're still reading (and I didn't lose you at hello!) then hope you enjoy my musings and ramblings.

Gracias xxx