Monday, 22 April 2013

Got The Lip On?? Mood Matching Review

Happy Monday  One and All! What we like today? Counting down the days until the weekend would be my guess... :)

Got a canny little lippy post today in the shape of six (yes six!) Fran Wilson Mood Matcher Lipsticks. Now I hadn't heard of her or these before but when I saw all the bold and bright colours I just had to give them a go. Now baring in mind I never wore lipstick ever ever until last month I think you'll agree on first impressions these were certainly a crazy brave choice.

Not for the faint hearted!

Now these rainbow bullets promise 12 hours of continuous colour and hydration, each shade changing according to your very own body chemistry. (ooh err)

As you can see on the swatches the colours aren't quite as garish as they initially appear. They are a lovely sheer formula that glides and glistens over your lips. No lip brush required but word of warning maybe whip a lip pencil around your lip line just to avoid looking like you've face palmed a beetroot... That photo didn't make the cut :)

Pretty little rainbow swatch

I must be feeling brave as (i'm leaving my dignity at the door) I've got some actual face shots of me wearing the lippy...

All shots are 'selfies' and taken with face shot on my iphone, so they create that oh so flattering 'looking into a spoon' angle.

Here's my natural lips...

Here are the results... (drum roll drum roll)

Incidently I'm in alreeetish fettle so its matching to a good mood :)

First up is the ORANGE. Now this goes on lovely, the pics don't do it justice really, as in real life its a gorgeous juicy coral that adjusted to flatter my ghostly porcelain complexion perfectly.
Equally would look great with a tan so will have to get mitted out and fake baked up pronto :)


 Dark Blue... As i was putting this on i'm thinking "yak yak yak" (think it reminded me of a fling with rimmels black cherry lipstick in 1996!) but actually i'm sold. Its a lovely purply plum on me and because its a stain it makes my lips look kinda bitten. I LIKE.


Look how luchious... :)
The sky blue one... Like the dark blue above it has a definite purple tone to it, this is a softer creamier finish. Its more of a candy pink. The sort you feel pretty wearing... day or night.

whats that they say? "like my lips but better" I WISH

YELLOW... Its alright, like it better on my lips than my arms. The gold sheen on the swatch transfers to an almost frosted finish on the lips. 


The Pink One. From the bullet the most obvious and easy to wear choice surely. And true to form it feels like it could be my favourite... its a pearly iridescent formula on your lips. Again the photos aren't really catching it but there is a definite shimmer to this one!... promise!

PINK... makes the boys...?

Don't strain your eyes, I promise you there is a pearly sheen!
Green one... Difficult to capture on the photo despite standing in front of, along side and behind natural light. This came up rather bright, with the exception of the orange easily the brightest, a real pinky coral kick to it. 

GREEN... Goddess?? 

With the exception of the yellow one,  i'd say any be could be my bestest one... the orange, dark blue or pink probably are my faves today though. Or the green. :)

They are available from QVC and retail at £21.50 plus p&p.

They've been fun and definitely will wear them again... Oh and they weren't fibbing about the staying power, has been 6 hours and they've survived 3 cups of tea, a bowl of supernoodles, a cream egg, walking the dog and a nap! The swatches on my arms have been scrubbed (and scrubbed) but i'm still left with what looks like a dramatic injury (might see if i can get some sympathy somewhere!)

So what was your favourite? Which would you choose?

Love hearing from you all

Kate xxxx


  1. I love the colour the orange one goes! really prety! :)


    1. Aw thanks, it was quite vivid coral, perfect for summer (if we ever get one!)xx

  2. Must admit, I'm tempted to get these and I've got a serious case of lash envy! ;)

    1. 21.50 for 6 lipsticks is a bit of a bargain! And thanks so much about the lash compliment... I'm wearing Maybelline lash extension mascara (silver tube pink writing) xxx

  3. Now there is nothing wrong with a good old selfie.. My default selfie face shape is more horse like. I'd much prefer a spoon.. The colours are NOT what I expected when I read this post. Not a massive lipstick wearer, but I might give these a go!!



    1. Haha :) I've just entered the lipstick world, sooo much fun!xxx

  4. The orange and the blue look lovely and they're colours I wouldn't usually choose! Might be time to make a change from the usual red and pinks. x

    1. It's a nice lil kit to have a play around with and experiment xxx

  5. Oh my god what an amazing idea!!!! the colours look so scary to start with.. can I also just say my god you're beautiful! your eyes look like glass (that's a good thing) soooo stunning xxxx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. EEEEE GEM!!! Proper blushing, (no need for macs dollymix now!) but thank you so much, such a lovely thing to say xxx

  6. i have these too! we're SUCH qvcers!

    i like the blue ones the bestest!


    1. QVC HOES... At the very least their best customers!xxx

  7. These are so cool!! Never seen anything like them, except lime crime's... which are way more pigmented. I love that you can get away with wearing these everyday!! My favourite is the blues on you. :P

    Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo