Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'm Haulin

Alright lovelies?? It feels like an age since I've blogged...And i've got a load of excuses reasons why! In summary I had an attack of some basic blog envy. You know when your admiration/fan girl moments turn to "OHEMGEEE my photos are a pile of  (insert chosen insult here) ---- compared to EVERYONE ELSES" and "I haven't EVEN got DSLR let alone any studio lights". And to prove what a novice I am i even needed to google DSLR as didn't have a clue what one was!

But then I thought well a blogs a journey, and just like I look back and cringe at photos from the last week last decade, I'm now thinking I'll just have to look back 'fondly' on my first steps into bloggersphere, no one ever did die from embarrassment did they!!

So anyway... This post was originally scheduled for March as a haul post so it really is a bit of a late one.
Pile of goodies... (creases on quilt optional)

This photo doesn't actually cover it, as after taking the shots I remembered I'd bought a Bare Minerals set and quite a few Leighton Denny polishes and treatments that could of been included, aaah well!

I love Benefit. The brand, the products and packaging. And true to form Fine One One is One big HIT HIT with me, it's a blush and highlight stick that can be used on cheeks and lips. Swipe it on, blend and hey presto you've got a lovely pretty glow. The pink and peach colour's on the stick (sorry no swatches) are super pigmented  but sheer enough so you're in control and can build up as needed. Its the product that says "Hey Summer, I'm Here!"
I'm yet to try the World Famous Neutrals... I'm not the best with powder shadows but this cute little kit comes complete with step-by-step instructions. Fool proof surely!

Now a month ago I'd not tried a MAC lipstick (although I did rock a gloss on my wedding day!) and now I have three of the bad boys with big plans to increase my collection to double figures before the month of May is out!
My Lady Danger (a super striking bright orange come red matt colour that I cannot get enough of) is missing here as I'd left in a bag at my friends house. (Fear not it's back in my loving arms now)

Hip and Happy Lip Pencil

Lippy on left is Candy Yum Yum and it is UH-MEZZIN. It has the wow factor and makes a statement, its a matt finish so don't forget to slick a bit lip balm on before applying.

Lippy on the right is Pure Zen and it was my first flirtation in the Mac lipstick world. A cremesheen finish so it glides on leaving my lips a gorgeous pinky nude. LOVES it!

All about the lipstick honey

Keeping with the Mac theme... as well as gifting me with Pure Zen lipstick for my birthday, my brother and his girlfriend (guessing she was the brains behind the operation!!) also equipped me with the goods to achieve a perfectly flawless complexion.
The studio fix powder foundation gives great coverage with what i think is an almost airbrushed effect, it gives you sort of skin you see make up counter ladies with (I tend to gaze wistfully at these girls thinking "how?") so I'm a fan. Saying that the I prefer a dewy sheer look (when i can get away with it!) so i keep this for special or spotty occasions!

Airbrush in a compact?
A light dusting of  Mac's Silver Dusk powder highlights all the places you may want a gaze to linger (wink wink)... Not too glittery, just the right amount of shimmer to reflect the light. LOVELY.
Shake your shimmer??
Bit of a nail haul... Some OPI Euro Centrale Collection and Nail Envy and Avoplex Oil to keep em talons long and strong.
L-R, Can't find my Czechbook,Suzy's Hungary Again!

Nails Inc collection, this was sent as an Auto Delivery from QVC, lushy range of colours and my favourite leather effect polish to date. A little re-stock of the coveted express remover too.
L-R Hyde Park Square, Bayswater Road, Mornington Crescent, Old Comptom Street, Bloomsbury Way, Great Portland Street
Nails Inc Garden Party Collection, muted pastels and a shot of special effect glitter... Don't mind if I do :) And a bigs oops.. spot the duplicate!
L-R Bloomsbury Way, Holland Park Gardens, Pembridge Crescent, Grosvenor Gardens

A bit of an Elemis haul too... I haven't posted pictures of my Pro Collagen Set but you can read about my review here . I'm in the early days of the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash but first impressions indicate an overall improvement in skin appearance with less clogging and build up. 
Bumper size!

EEEESH another bit of a splurge, this time in the name of Mally Roncal (Make up artist extraordinaire) You can read my review on her Lip System here 
First up is the Poreless Primer, the big pot is touch misleading as there isn't a great lot of product but you only need a small amount. Leaves a velvety soft finish to the skin and can be worn alone or under make up.

Titchy little pot encased in glass to double the size!
 The Face Defender is an innovative and quite amazing product and shown here is the home compact and travel size. Its designed to replace translucent powder and its a like wax formula... Keeps make up perfectly in place all day and its TA-RA to shine.
The home and away face defender kit

The brow system... Now this is the only brow pencil I'd be rocking in between HD appointments. Nuff said :)
Also came with a brow gel... MIA!

Colour sustain kit from Ojon, smells like liquorice and leaves my hair soft and glossy. And I swear its picking out the warmer tones and making them gleam.

The Oil is a little wonder product!

Hocus Focus I simply think is wonderful, on good skin days I wear alone (although this may have only ever happened the once!) but it's oh so effective under make up for that fresh glowy dewy effect. This is a third re-purchase and can't see me falling out of love any time soon.

You won't believe your eyes is a  light reflecting eye cream that dispenses from a roller ball,  jurys out on this one... I'm perhaps a tad heavy handed but I can always see this on my skin and when make up is applied over it, it sort of 'balls up' and collects. Will persevere as I am admittedly clumsy :)

Soap and Glory cuteness

Last but certainly not least the Hydra Floral Blemish Balm. I was lucky enough to win this before its UK launch (it doesn't hit stores until May 1st although QVC have this on sale currently). I will do a full review of this product in a future post.
This makes big promises 

So thats it. That was March.

If there is any further details you'd like (prices, swatches etc) or if you'd like a full review of a product then please do get in touch.

Any thoughts? Have you tried anything I've mentioned?

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Kate xxx


  1. Wow! Now that was a haul!! I really want to try some products from Ojon. I haven't invested in my first MAC lipstick yet hopefully soon.

    I had to google DSLR too I kept seeing people talking about them. 2 months ago I didn't know what one was now I own one ha xx

    1. Ojon is lovely, it's smell I adore. Pricey but you only need a touch :) xxx

  2. Nice Haulin Especially the QVC Stuff :)really want to try the Mally face defender xx

    1. Absolutely fabulous in my opinion. And I'm oily so my make up is prone to sliding off :) xx

  3. Wowee you weren't kidding! Don't worry about your lack of fancy pants camera! You don't always need one, your photos are fine to me :).... I've never heard of the liquid highlights by mac they sound amaze! Xxx

    1. Aw :) photos don't care what takes them!xx

  4. Love this post!! The little quirks make your blog so fun and easy to read! "Creases in quilt optional" Brilliant hehe. It's so refreshing to hear in your first paragraph I'm not the only one feeling the same way! I almost quit altogether this week as I thought I could never get by head around the tech stuff and HTML. But now I've realised I need to be patient and ill learn as I go along. Ill get there! If you ever need to get blog issues off your chest you know where I am :) Anyway in relation to this post, I'd never seen the Nails Inc Garden Party collection until now thanks! Added to my ever growing wishlist xx

    1. Aw what a gorgeous comment, thanks so much :) lovely lovely lovely xxx

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  6. Wow! What a haul!

    I think we all have the attack of the green eyed monster from time to time!

    1. It's admiration isn't it ;) xx

  7. wow that is a haul!
    Love all the nails inc! xx

    1. Bit of a nails inc and Leighton Denny addict!xx

  8. Wow great haul! I also love the studio fix powder gives a lovely finish, think I might buy the candy yum yum it looks Devine! Xx

    1. Its so much fun to wear, certainly makes you stand out from the crowd!!xxx