Tuesday, 24 September 2013

OPI San Francisco Collection

This OPI San Francisco set came as part of a QVC auto-delivery I'd signed up to back in March. In all honesty I'd forgotten that I was due this set so got a delightful little surprise when they arrived! (My husband and bank account less so!) My delivery man rocked up armed with a little package and I thanked him like he’d bought it himself... “EEEEE THANKS BOB, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT ME?” he humoured me, all too aware of how over familiar I can be! Over the last year we’ve become friends, he’s old enough to 
qualify for my Granda like but I’m no ageist!

Anyway back to these polishes which at first glance I thought all looked a bit ‘meh’ and to be honest I was like “two reds... really? FOBBED OFF OR WHAT!” I could have sent them back but it’s probably worth mentioning I’m scatty and disorganised and those traits prevent me from doing anything that I perceive to be ‘faffy’... yes I am that lazy!

SO rather than be reunited with my money I decided to add these to my (RIDICULOUS) polish collection and get my swatch on....

Embarca-Dare Ya is rich magenta colour with a shimmery finish. Depending on the light it can look anything from crimson to pinky amethyst. It has the finest little shots of gold running through it which makes it an ideal go-to shade for the coming festive season. Mebs with some sort of sparkly accent finger. I’m actually thinking it will be lushty on the toes? Even if they will be covered in layers and buckled biker boots!
LEFT- Natural light, RIGHT-With flash

My favourite of the bunch has to be Peace & Love & OPI which is described as a holographic sage and eggplant. Personally I think the most accurate description of the colour is MALLARD... the male of species. It’s like an oil on water effect and it’s multi chrome glimmering finish looks stunning. I found myself casting admiring glances at it throughout the day. QUACK!
LEFT- Natural light, RIGHT-With flash

Lost on Lombard is a dark red crème finish. It’s a block colour and the red has deep almost brick red under tone. Smooth finishes can be unforgiving but this is self levelling and does indeed apply like a dream. 
LEFT- Natural light, RIGHT-With flash

Muir Muir On The Wall is a duo chrome polish and I honestly can’t decide if it’s a metallic brown with purple and burgundy undertones or if it’s more of plum colour shot through with flecks of gold. Whatever the official description is I don’t know but this polish is GORGEOUS. It may well be my favourite. (What? I can have more than one favourite!)
LEFT- Natural light, RIGHT-With flash
Do you like these colours? In fairness I’m still not bowled over with love with but I certainly think there’s some staples in the collection. I would have liked a blue in my set and perhaps liquid sand... Never happy! (Yet another undesirable personality trait! Deeing mesel nee favours here like!)

Love reading your comments so please don’t be shy 

Love K

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mac RiRi Boy Lipstick

Let's cast our minds back to the 20th June 2013... What were you doing? I remember it well as from about 11:40am I began to hit the refresh button on the MAC home page in (obsessive?) anticipation of Rihanna's second RiRi Hearts Mac launch. I had already snared RiRi Woo back in May (which was a happy accident! totaaaally unaware of the coveted hype!) and now my eyes were set firmly on RiRi Boy.
I knew I needed to be prepared. 
Let’s picture the scene.
Me surrounded with the laptop, Iphone and Ipad.  
Tapping the refresh key on each device, willing the collection to go live so I could order and relax!

I say I was 'tapping' the refresh key and that's true so long as the term 'tapping' covers repeatedly and frantically press press PRESSING the enter key at a rate that mirrored my pounding heart beat!!! BANG BANG BANG! 
Girls feel the urgency here and imagine the crazy look in my eyes! All I was missing was a whistle and some back up
(Think Friends when Monica goes wedding dress shopping... yes!)

BUT... twas worth it though as I got her! And ain't she beautiful?
(I also got the bronze and blush duo in Hibiscus Kiss but that was really in the interest of free delivery!)

Despite having this lipstick since June, I've only just started wearing it. The RiRi embossed bullet looks so good I couldn't bring myself to even swatch it and spoil it! And then there's the putting off using it because you haven't taken the photos yet... BEAUTY BLOGGER PROBLEMS THOUGH!

RiRi Boy is described as a 'matte vivid lavender' with a retro matte finish. They certainly weren't lying when they said VIVID mind. The colour is intense and I loved wearing it. For me it's a true purple, it's bright but deep and because it's a matte finish it's entirely opaque.

Looking at comparison swatches RiRi Boy is Matte version of Mac's Up The Amp.

Purple lips and dark nails... Oh and a berry coloured beanie hat. This can only mean TAAAARAAAA SUMMER! 
I 'do' the colder months better. I find them less hassle and love feeling cosy.
(Give me a week before I'm on here whinging and whining asking for a bit sunshine again!)


Throw in a mohair cardie and some buckled ankle boots and we've got autumn sussed!

Do we like? Is RiRi Boy on your list come the 3rd of October??? I don't know what's on mine yet but I can already imagine any logic or self control going ooot the window.  In fact I'm still waiting on it coming back!

I reply to all comments and you can catch me on twitter and instagram too (links on home page) 
See you over there :)

Love and kisses

k xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

August Monthly Haul

Hello, Hi, Hey and Hola
It's September, I'm back from my Summer Holiday and I needed to wear a cardigan the day I arrived home. A sure sign autumn is upon us. Well actually it's not quite upon as (annoyingly) the sun has persisted on shining the odd day or two! I'm so ready for boots, tights and chunky knits. But don't want to be looking all cosy and wrapped up if the weather changes its fettle half way through the day! I'm also majorly excited to shop for the perfect winter coat and I'm just in the mood to hoy the fake tan to the back of the cupboard and become lax with regularity of hair removal.
From the #bbloggers chat the other night it seems as though we are all excited for the new season and my September haul is already filled with berry shades and nourishing moisturiser. BUT back to today... today I bring you my August purchases.

Ooh I must also add that lots of you have requested full reviews of certain products and they will posted in the next week or so... 

Alpha H Liquid Gold
 This is a much raved about product that promises miracles in transforming your skin. I won't say too much as I've actually written a full review about my results with before and after pictures (seriously scary stuff!) What I will say is notice there is TWO bottles and I restock what I lurrrrrve... 

Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
Ok so despite spending almost three figures in boots before I went on holiday (I went in for sun cream and toothpaste) I found myself in Germany without anything to take my mascara off...  
Cooling, gentle and effective, it even dissolves they're real! What a prize for being disorganised!

Eau Thermale
Just because I'm incapable of buying only one thing at a time and the fact I've read like a million ravey reviews about it. I'm yet to use it but I think it will be ideal for refreshing and setting my make up on long days at work.

Perricone No Foundation Foundation-

This is a repurchase and I absolutely adore the trousers off it. It's like a second skin and I cannot express how much I love it. I've written a full review with swatches and stuff so if you are thinking of buying I hope that it's helpful as I often read that people find 'the one shade fits all' doesn't really fit you if you are pale.

Me? I'm like translucently blue and I think it's fine on me but maybe I'm swanning around with a tide mark? I'm pretty sure I'm not but the mirror can sometimes lie, I mean it used to tell me my unplucked mousey eyebrows were totally acceptable!
Anyway if you found the No Foundation Foundation too dark then worry not as they are releasing the LIGHT option at some point this month.  

Guerlain Meteorites Perles in Teint Rose
First off, apologies for the rubbishy blurry picture, I'm putting it down to shaky hand excitement as I was so dazzled by their beauty. 
Again I have a full review coming up of this delightfully pretty finishing powder.

Mally Easy On The Eyes Collection
 Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I'm a bit of a Mallynista (QVCers will get the reference) and I bought this kit whilst it was the TSV. I had been umming and ahhing over the Urban Decay Naked Palette for some time (see I am capable of exercising some level of purchase control) so I was in the market for some eye shadows...  aaaand the rest is history :) 

Mally's Palette in Buff has a primer plus 11 neutral shades which can be used wet or dry so in essence you get 22 colours to play around with. The kit comes complete with three BULLET PROOF eye pencils, mascara and some under eye brightener (which is also known as 'sunshine in a jar' ooh!). Not to mention a 60 page booklet with step by step instructions so you can create a whole spectrum of gorgeous looks.

YSL Touché Éclat
I've always lusted after this and for as long as I can remember beauty magazines have hailed it as a 'must have' and told me that I need it in my make up bag. I never took too much notice as dark circles aren't something I suffer from (blood shot eyes, yes, spots, yes, sensitive skin, yes, oh the list goes onnnnn!) but I thought I'd give it a whirl and see how it works as at covering blemishes.  (Of which I have many!) 

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #18 Prune In Fire 
Right let's be fair. Does this lipstick not scream sexy? Everything from the sleek and seriously beautiful packaging to the vampy purple loveliness... Aaaah it makes me melt. 

Leighton Denny Colour Cocktail Collection
I also bought this as a QVC TSV as I can't resist anything Leighton related. The kit contains four colours plus two 'cocktailing' shades that transform the base colours to create a new shade with plenty of shimmer. If I'm being totaaaaaaally honest, I'm not a huge fan (anxiety set in as I typed that). It's simply a personal preference as I prefer a nice block of colour to make a statement. The shimmery sheerness of these shades just aren't really 'me'.
The Essential Remover Pot, the Diamond Buffer and Lip and Cuticle Balm were worth it alone though.

In other news, after buying like a million Nails Inc Remover Pots I've fallen out of love with them- a brand new pot dyed my fingers a dirty greeny grey. Tres ugly.

OPI San Francisco Set
 Now these little beauties were a bit of a surprise. I ordered the OPI TSV (are we seeing a home shopping addiction here?) back in March and I selected the auto-delivery option which basically means you get a further delivery with new colours but held at the special discounted price. I wouldn't of actually ordered these but kept them as I needed a new nail envy and you can never have too much avoplex oil!

I need to remind myself that the surprise auto-delivs aren't actually gifts though! Oopsie!

SBC Collagen Gel
How bad is this...? This arrived and I had absolutely no memory of ordering it! I now have a vague recollection of doing it whilst half asleep! I think I saw the pretty pink gel and thought it'll look fabulous in the bathroom if nothing else! Perhaps I was drunk on tea and jaffa cakes? I haven't used it yet BUT it does indeed look beeeeeeowdifal in my bathroom!

The pictures below are repurchases which I've enthused and rambled about on previous blog hauls. The Decleor set was bought primarily to get my casper white mitts on their gradual tan again. You can read about why I LOVES it here 

My Elemis pots of joy are the Pro Collagen Marine Day and Night Cream- the ultimate in moisturising goodness. Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules are in the big pot and if you fancy reading about why they are loved like my children you can do that here

The ABC Skin Care Set for me is a must have. Espesh the HEEEEOWGE body wash which lasts for months (unless one of  your children 'plays' with the pump and fills the bottle up with shower water...) and it keeps skin clean and clear. The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing, well all of these products smell amazing if you happen to love the zingy fresh tea tree aroma? If not then (why not?) just skip to the next picture. 

The Pure Tea Tree Oil is perfect for adding to bath water or when you want a nice deep cleansing steam. I tend to dispense onto a cotton pad and wipe over blemishes (yes plural!).
The blemish sticks contain witch hazel too and they have a roller ball application, perfect for slipping in your bag to target them nasties that get bigger and angrier as the day progresses. You know the ones right? They often crop up on Friday ready to spoil your weekend!
The wipes are in my car and will probably be used a glorified baby wipes! (Think sticky fingers on a three year old!) Oh I is Glam!

Maybelline Baby Lips
Well I just had to didn't I? Absolute bandwagon purchase and unlike many they don't incite any strong feelings in me either way. A lip balm is a lip balm, tinted or not right? Cherry Me gives a gorgeous juicy flush of colour and Hydrate is fine to slick on as you would any lip balm. I did also get Pink Punch but I gave that to my sister in law who wears it far better than I ever could- plus these aren't available in Germany so I felt like I was bringing her treasure!

Organix Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner
I like a high end shampoo and conditioner, Kerastase, Ojon or Aveda often take residence in my shower. In my pre-holiday panic I ended up 'settling' for the Organix set as I was rushed, in boots and needed something quickly (usually order my shiz off the net). I'd also read a rave review from Allana Beau and believe me when I say that girl takes some impressing! 

Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, Day and Night Cream (pictured on first picture). I forgot (bad blogger) to take a photo of these individually but essentially it's a repurchase as I need plenty of stock of the cleansing balm. The moisturiser I don't use regularly (Elemis loyalty for you right there!) but the odd occasion I have I did notice it was rather thick. Perhaps ideal for the colder season?

So that was August... Done. Dusted. Gone. 
September marks the end of the summer and the end of my haul. 

Any products you're loving? Ooh or have you seen anything and thought BIG MISTAKE KATE? 
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see a thorough review on as I'm more than happy to oblige :)

Oh and slightly off topic but you know how I mentioned I'm super excited to go shopping to find the perfect winter coat? I don't why I said that as I've never ever actually found one. Each winter it's a constant disappointment where I trawl around the shops searching for perfection before buying something I actually hate and then spend the rest of the season having coat envy when I see girls who just get it right! 

Looking forward to reading your comments and don't be shy, come say HIYAAAon my TWITTER

I also have a giveaway running to win a Mac Lippy or Paint Pot of your choice, click here if you're feeling lucky?

k xxxxxx

Monday, 2 September 2013

400 Follower International Giveaway

Hello my band of absolute wonderfully gorgeous lovely people!

Today I reached a rather delightful milestone.... *DRUM ROLL* now over 400 of you read and follow prettylittleus *does a little dance* Obviously I'm OWA THE MOON as I never thought even 4 people would be interested. I mean I literally thought it would forever be just me mam that subscribed :) So massive thank you to all that have stopped by, followed or commented. It means SHIT loads!

I'd also like to say how utterly overwhelmed I am to be shortlisted for Best New Beauty Blog in the Cosmo Awards. So again huge (like mahoooosive) thank you if nominated me or voted for me :)

Anyway I don't mean to bore you by gushing about the wonder of my achievement and wiping away tears as I thank you all so I'll get straight to it!

I'm running a giveaway as a celebration and thank you, by giving you lucky ducks the chance to win a MAC Lipstick or Paint Pot of your choice. I'm not very imaginative so I thought I would keep it simple and leave you ladies (and gents!) free to choose. You know 'cos some WERK the eyes and others love to POUT them lips. (Me? Totally would choose the lippy, and would go for Rebel if you were wondering!)

If you'd like to enter my giveaway then you need to complete the Rafflecopter form below. The only mandatory entries are to follow me on Bloglovin AND GFC (now all the 'is gfc going' drama is over!) The more steps you complete then the more entries you gain so it's worth spending an extra few moments doing them (says she!)

The giveaway will be open internationally and open to everyone over and including the age of 16. All entries will be verified and check with any false or incomplete entries being deleted and removed. I'll email the winner on the email address provided and announced via Twitter @_prettylittleus and added to Rafflecopter widget.

Sorry to go all bad cop with the rules and regs but there you have it!

Good luck and love to all

Kate xxxx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mac Impassioned Lipstick love


Pucker Up Boys and Girls as today I want to share my lusty love for this weeks favourite lippy shade.

MAC's Impassioned.

Aaaah for me this is sexy gorgeous sexiness rolled into one vanilla scented sleek lil bullet!
 The colour on the lips is a beautiful bright almost neon pinky red. Its warm toned and I found it ever so flattering on my pale face. It's certainly a lipstick to centre your make up around like, it does the talking for you and makes a canny statement on a Saturday afternoon.

The Amplified finish is perfect as it intensifies on the lips to give high impact colour that will turn heads!
(Listen to me, talking like I'm wor cherillllllllll doing her loreal adverty thing)

No lip brush required, I just swished (yes swished) it straight on from bullet to lip.
(happy accident, I was pushed for time, couldn't find a brush so thought I'd cheat... score!)

Matte and Amplified are most definitely my favourite finishes and they have the best staying power...  I mean this pouty pic was taken about 3 hours after my initial application and it hadn't budged.
In fact I woke up the next morning with Impassioned still clinging on to my lips for dear life! Not a look I'd recommend though :)

I wonder what lippy will be ruling my world next week? What's your favourite MAC shade?

Looking forward to reading your lushty comments and please feel free to leave your links :)

*blows kisses*

k xxxxxx