Sunday, 23 June 2013

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

Hey Guys and Dolls, how is everyone? Hope you are all as fabulous I know you look :) I'm generally fine and dandy but still decorating (I'll be saying this come June next year at this rate) and I'm struggling with interior creativity, so things can feel a tad stressy from time to time... And when Kate is stressed her smile can hide it but boy oh boy does her skin show it!!! (Random bit of third person there... sorry about that!)

So on to me and my temperamental skin... the time of the month, hormones and stress levels play havoc with what should be (by now!) a perfectly flawless complexion. 
So what specific havoc do these components play?? Well breakouts are more stubborn and are difficult to treat because my skin is so sensitive... we are talking FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE!!

An example for you...

Now what? Now what? When my skin is screaming out for hope and love then Elemis Skin Bliss Recovery Capsules are my actual saviour, my Goddesses of skin therapy. 

Slightly off topic but these silky little capsules remind me of bath pearls that you used to get in bath gift sets from The Body Shop. These were the only acceptable present to give/receive if you went to my middle school... espesh if you were 'going out' with someone! If you were lucky you got Dewberry or Ananya set, but for me and a canny lad called Sean, a White Musk basket meant we could no longer be exclusive!! Sorry Sean!

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules contain pure moringa oil and anti oxidents to cleanse and erradicate the harmful and damaging effects of everyday pollution on your skins delicate cell structure.

Morniga oil is hailed as the oil of the moment and Emma Hardie fans will know what I mean! 
Moringa oil is jam packed with anti-aging properties working to rejuvenate skin tone, improve elasticity and blast them toxins out of the water.

You'll notice that there's a mix of pink and green capsules. 
The Pink Rose is your day time treat and the Green Lavender is your night time indulgence. 
Super easy to use you just twist to open and the perfect amount for your face and neck is dispensed... massage in after cleansing and toning then apply your moisturiser (Pro Collagen Marine Cream if you are after further miracles!) and let the healing commence.

I find that my skin is calmer, clearer, fresher and certainly gets it glow back after using these. They fix the redness and dryness and actually combat the breakout by repairing the skin so quickly.
The idea is to use every morning and every night but to be honest with me having combination skin it can feel a little excessive plus I like to keep them as an intensive kiss of life when my skin is dying

Spot the little cat hair... invisible to naked eye but captured on camera!

I discovered these in a set bought from QVC and they have a ton of Elemis products which are always great value.

Oh and in case I didn't make it abundantly clear... these are (and have been already) a repurchase!

What's your sos product? Have you tried these before?

Looking forward to your gorgeous comments and I reply to all

Love k

Friday, 21 June 2013

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer


Hi All, everyone canny? I've got a secret weapon of hair care today...

BUT before I get all focused on the product can I just ask that we just take a moment to imagine how wonderful life would be if we had hair like the girl from the Tangled film... Animation or not its seriously the most shimmery beautiful vision of hair loveliness I've ever seen, so much gloss and so much body and MYOHMY the bit where the children plait it and weave flowers through it... Simply wow! Little Miss Rapunzel has taken over Jasmine as my favourite Disney gal like!

Any way I digress... (no changes there then!) Lets get back to it...

Philip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer is QVC's Beauty Pick of the month which basically means its a steal and they throw in free p&p... utter godsend seen as its a litre bottle :)

 Its a pre-shampoo treatment so you actually use it prior to washing unlike traditional intensive conditioning treatments that are used afterwards. To use you simply dampen you hair with water then coat hair from mid-lengths to ends giving spesh attention to the parts that are damaged (hello like everywhere!!)... leave for twenty minutes then clean and condition as normal. I like to intensify results by using as an overnight treatment... the longer its on the better right?? 
Another great tip for you ladies who are jetting off to sunnier climes this year, apply the elasticizer in the morning and leave on all day for complete swim and sea protection. 
So thanks to the gorgeous Catrine for tweeting me that little pearl.
But if you do decide to take away with you then definitely decant it into a lil tub though, as a bottle this size will make your case overweight and nothing it worth substituting your new wedges for! 

It's hailed by Philip himself as a hero product and I can see why. The science bit works on the premise that healthy hair stretches when wet before bouncing back when dry but if your hair is damaged then whilst wet and stretched it will snap and break off. Feel familiar??

So this little beauty promises to deliver suppleness, elasticity and bounce instantly to your hair by boosting the cuticle of each strand with a rush of moisture... All this without any coating or weighing down.

You don't need much, the amount shown in the picture below comfortably covers each hair on my head... and I've got lo-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g hair and though is fine there's lots of it. 
In fact my grandma has been known to describe me as having "a lovely head of hair" (said in the Geordiest of accents!) but she's gotten picky in her old age and she rarely says it to me now... I blame the GHDs and heat styling!!! 

From first application there has been a spectacular (yes spectacular!) difference in smoothness and softness, for me it's left my hair silky and I've noticed a massive reduction in drying time. I've been using for just over two weeks and the improvement is amazing, it's not sold as an anti-frizz treatment but my flyaway strands are now invisible to naked eye... not sure where they've gone but hey I ain't complaining :) 

So Mr Kingsley what can I say other than THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU IT!!!! 
 And I'm thinking if I keep slathering this on maybe even Grandma will be impressed.... :)

And here's me enjoying my new found strength!

After using the elasticizer for just one week... hashtag long and strong!
Aaaah just messin... the final two pictures are of course borrowed from the tinterweb... I think it demonstrates endless potential for our tresses though, YES?!

And before I go... bask in this hair loveliness on me :)

Any thoughts? Who's tried this? Any other hair care MUST haves? I'm off to check out other products in Philip's range :)

Look forward to reading and replying to all your lushy comments

love k

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mac Speed Dial

Hi and a big hello to you all. Hope everyone is good :) Today my post is dedicated to the sweetest pink lipstick in my collection.

Yes its Mac! And she goes by the name of 'Speed Dial'

Speed Dial is a cremesheen formula which gives a creamy sort of milky coverage with a slight gloss to the finish... Not talking a lip gloss effect here, think more of a matte lippy with a slick of lip balm over it .

In my opinion (which is based on nothing scientific) Speed Dial is a cool toned pink, with a gorgeous golden shimmer running through it. The colour pay off is fabulous and is almost opaque on the lips. The gold isn't glitzy nor does it give a pearlised or frosted effect so it is super wearable through the day. 

Mind because of the finish its staying power isn't that of a matte, so to keep that colour popping, prepare to reapply in maybe 3 or so hours. No lip brush needed :)

L- One swish                                            R- Two swishes intensify colour

Next two pictures are almost definitely unnecessary facial close ups! So be kind and use a sort of squinting technique when looking :)

Photo above is 2 coats of Speed Dial with no blotting. 
Photo below is after blotting (and lil sneak peek of nostrils too!)

As I'm a total fanny scatter brain I forgot to take Speed Dial out on my travels the day I debuted it... So here's me 6 hours post application... A very faint wash of colour left, rookie error!

So in a shell of a nut, Speed Dial is probably my 'go to' day time lipstick as I cannot seem to pull off nudes! Its light fresh, girly and ever so pretty.

Anyone else got it? What's your favourite day time shade? I need to expand my collection :)

Looking forward to reading and replying to your gorgeous comments 

k xxxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dotty Angel Effect Nails of The Day

Alright my sweets? I was bored the other night and decided to have a little faff on with my nails. Now I say bored but what I actually mean is that in a bid to prevent myself from spending the evening eating pizza or dunking biscuits I did my nails as I can't indulge whilst they are wet!!! 

Hashtag Logic or what???

So for my nails of the day (I'm cheating as these were from the last week!) I went for pretty yet muted tones and PEZZAZZED them up with some polka dots and sparkle.

For the colours I  used Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent and Nails Inc Holland Park Gardens which I think look rather cute together... the little dots just make it all the more sweeter. 

Pembridge Crescent is the most neutral of purples, it's
a grey toned lilac really. It's not shimmery nor metallic and it looks lovely on the nail... I was half tempted to do the entire mani in this colour but that would of resulted in me ordering a pizza and I'd already had me tea!!!

Holland Park Gardens is a pale almost on the sage spectrum of the mint green world... it's cool toned so flattering for ghostly skin (*holds hands up*) or would set a tan off nicely. Again its fairly muted and understated so both colours complimented each other equally.

The polka dots were in the same colour scheme and I love a spotty nail... Only thing is they make my eyes go funny if I admire them for too long!!!

Now to stop me reaching for the bar of galaxy bubbles that was calling my name from the fridge add a little extra wowza factor and because my nails are in dire need of some Leighton love, I applied Leighton Denny's Angel Effect to the remaining nails. 

The Angel Effect is like little fairies are taking a nap on your nails, its iridescent and shimmery and picked up the purple and green beautifully. It reminds me of wings, you know when you're little and bugs n creatures are fascinating? Well think of perhaps dragon fly wings (not blue bottles as they are dirty mingers and so not vision I'm trying to create....) Also it doesn't catch so it's like a minimal chipping risk. 

Its a chow on to remove (as with any effects polish) so cover nails in remover soaked cotton wool and wrap foil around finger tips and leave for five minutes.

I've left the flash on the last two pictures so you can see the Angel Effect better... 
Ok so what do we think of these nails? Love or loathe :) I wore this for two days straight and no chippsies, but I got bored and removed before I noticed any peeling or what have you.

Love love love reading and replying to all your comments, thoughts and questions. I reply to all but feel free to ask or chat about anything on my twitter... links at top of page :)

Love k


Sunday, 9 June 2013

May-be Hauling

Hey Girls and Boyos! Its June, AND it's almost double figure days into June, and only now am I bringing you my haul from the month of May! *hangs head in shame* But to throw a few excuses cliches at you, it's better to be late and great... better late than never... it's about the pace not the race... and all that jazz!

So lets get straight down to it: May welcomed a few products into my life but primarily it was more about the repurchases, the clothes, the decorating and the half term holidays. So by my crazy expectations this haul is smaller than my beauty cave anticipated. 

Emma Hardie's magic moringa balm not shown... awaiting replacement tub as mine was cracked on delivery :(

So this is the No No No Hair Removal System and as I'm such a die hard Girls Alouder I involuntarily call it the Sexy No No No! A little piece of irrelevant trivia for you there. I didn't actually buy this in May, I bought it in March but I FOUND it in May... in a wardrobe whilst looking for minty green wedges (they still haven't turned up!) if you're wondering. I'm on the fence with this one as haven't used it long enough to see true results but essentially it is a laser treatment that in the short term singes away and buffs off visible growth and over time eradicates hair follicles with the big beautiful picture being permanently perfectly smooth pins... (that's my take on their promise!) What I will say its quiet, easy and painless, I do it watching Corrie!

Innocently showing MAC some love... and avoiding eye contact with my husband when the postie knocked on the door... :) 
Ok so this happened like this. All about orange collection came out... Bought Flamingo and the Strobe Cream, didn't need the strobe cream really but if its in the name of free delivery then I WILL add another item to basket. I have Gemma the ultimate make up magpie to thank for the other four lippys!

 That is four limited editions you see there... makes it all the more necessary surely?

Now tell me these colours aren't pretty?? At time of typing of I've yet to swatch some but I'm planning a post dedicated to my collection (which only started in March!). I have worn Silly which was BRIGHT and looked fabulous with my (fakey) tan, it's not the dizzy heights of Candy Yum Yum for me though! Flamingo is simply gorgeous BUT it does look suspiciously identical similar to my Betty Bright from the Archies Girls collection, the only obvious difference being the finish, Betty Bright is a satin finish and Flamingo is Lustre.

L-R Raspberry Swirl, Silly, Speed Dial, Flamingo, Feel My Pulse

I honestly thought it would of been rude not to take advantage of Daniel Sandler's 20% discount over the bank holiday weekend. I've been dying to try the water colour blushers for a while now and after tweeting the man himself to ask for advice on my perfect shade (to which he replied!) I ordered So Pretty which is a rosy pink with shots of shimmery gold running through it... The swatches of So Pretty are indeed so pretty and I can't wait to use this properly. 

I'm Soap & Glory devotee and tend to impulsively pick up something from the brand every time I'm in Boots. The shower cream smells delish and I have a million Soap & Glory body lotions and butters to layer the scent too. I toyed with the idea of the body spray but decided against it... unsure why now! 

Sexy Mother Pucker is worth buying for the name alone :) I have the original and it's been a repurchase a few times (because its A) wonderful and B)I keep losing things... it's an illness!) but this has some pink to it and gives a little wash of colour as well as the famous TINGLE. 

*Sound the fanfare* Yes it's my monthly Elemis tribute dance :) Shown here is the Pro Collagen Marine Day and Night Cream. Bought simply to keep my stock levels in check :) You can read about my Elemis raves and reviews HERE and HERE and that includes my May Elemis purchases
... Happy skin care! 

Bit of unusual one as not available in the UK...
My husband is German and although he lives in this country (after snaring him I couldn't allow him to leave me and go back.. good god no!)  all of his family are still in Deutschland which means aside from lots of lovely trips across there we often have delightful packages sent to us.
 This month my gorgeous Mutter-in-Law sent us some Ricarda M skin care cream which is a top seller in Germany and all my husband used when I first met him (he has lushy skin!)
 I'm going to do a full review of this which will mean it replacing my Elemis pro collagen (can you's hear the palpitations? can you's feel my anxiety?) but I have faith and got to keep things fresh, skin gets bored and lazy if it gets used to a product. That's my experience anyway. Plus if it's a total disaster I can always opt for divorce ;)

Love anything that comes with a spatula!
Got some nail loving for you now... This Pro Strong kit was about £30 from QVC and I attribute the fact my nails don't bend or break easily to this delightful little set... These are treatments so if you are wanting sustained protection  then whip out your nail envy and use alongside. For me Pro Strong means bye bye to soft, brittle and peeling nails. Oh and they all sink in over polish so no interruptions to your summer manis... bonus!

Another little restock of the Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover... I'm a big fan of these removing pots as they are so handy plus I hate the feel of claggy cotton wool, espesh when it leaves its dirty fluff behind...Seriously BAH!
 I have the Leighton Denny remover pot too and I actually far prefer his formula as it leaves nails looking nourished and healthy BUT the actual shape of the pot is a tad awkward in comparison to the Nails Inc one. 

I can't vocalise my love for Baker Street enough (you are all thinking.. "urgh yes you can and have... shaaaadup already!"...sorry!) so when I saw on QVC that the were selling it alongside Caviar Top Coat and a funky lil magnetic number I justified it to myself and ordered... My current Baker Street is a almost a third used, practically unsightly! 

L-R Caviar Top Coat, Magnetic Polish in Whitehall, Baker Street

Those of you that read my Nails Inc Sprinkles Post will be aware that Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens was catapulted into an all time favourites category (high praise indeed!). I loved it so much that I decided to buy the complete spring/summer set from Nails Inc which included this polish too (yes another duplicate but if you think something is UH-MEZZIN then it pays to have plenty!)
 I think these colours scream sunshine and ice creams... there's a coral, a minty green, a sky baby blue and a peachy pastel... What is not to love? I mean really!

Those of you that didn't read my spinkles post you can catch it HERE and it includes swatches of Royal Botanical Gardens too
L-R St James Park, Chelsea Physic Garden, Royal Botanical Garden, Kensington Palace Gardens
So that was May and wasn't May canny? Anyone else tried these products? Or is there anything that has grabbed your attention?

Love reading all your lushty comments and I reply to all. If you need something answered quickly then tweet me... all links at top of the page :)



Sunday, 2 June 2013

Elemis TSV QVC May 2013- Top to Toe Collection

Howdy Lovelies, I've got a little bit of skin care for you today, thought I'd show you some Elemis goodies that I ordered from QVC last week (as I am a complete SLAVE to the channel!).

Now this delightful bundle of treats was a TSV and sold under the glamorously long title of the 'Elemis 7 Piece Top to Toe Luxury Radiance Collection' and I got to welcome this home by simply handing over a mere £51.72 (plus p&p) and my mini spa kit was with me three days later. Considering the amount of full size products included, it is (in my book anyway) a canny little bargain indeed.

The kit contains 

Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm (50ml, full size)
Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm (30g... special qvc smaller size)
Pro Collagen Marine Cream (15ml, travel size)
Skin Nourishing Shower Cream (300ml, full size)
Pro Radiance Hand and Nail Cream (100ml, full size)
Frangipani Monoi Body Oil (35ml, travel size)
Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules (14 capsules)
Cleansing Cloth
And a smart little cosmetic bag to keep it all together 

Great vals eh?

I didn't NEED any of this stuff reaaaally as I have the marine cream, the cleansing balm, the shower cream and monoi oil BUT Elemis always gets my attention and I get muchos anxiety when  my stashes of products I love start to diminish, (hence my drawer stuffed full with neatly packed with FOUR 'spare' pots of Pro Collagen Marine Cream... you know, just in case) You always need 'back up' guys and dolls... always. 

Once I realised the kit contained the new flash balm and cellular recovery capsules I couldn't of been held back by anything, not wild bulls... (or even the inevitable potential eye rolling reaction from thee husband)

Now I'm going to save gushing about my love for the Cellular Capsules for another post... seriously need to give them pearls of joy their own spotlight :)

I have to share my love (AGAIN) the Pro Collagen Marine Cream, its a beautiful rich consistency yet it's air light on the skin, it sinks in immediately. You want fresh plumped up hydration? Then this is the magic potion. I have sensitive combination skin that's prone to break outs (yes a full house of perks!!) and the marine cream does not aggravate nor clog my pores which is an absolute first... And I've had flings with many a moisturiser like!

The Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm is a fairly new love affair, twas only launched in April and I of course ordered on its launch date... look I'm loyal to what I love peeps :) Its like waxy buttery formulation in the tub but it warms and melts to an oil on your skin, which in turn when mixed with water is transformed to a milky cleanser. Make up and and any nasties on your face are dissolved and disintegrated and your skin is left nourished and deep down clean.
Oh and it can be used as a mask too... full on pamper sesh in bath, apply to face and cover with hot cloth... inhale the aromas and just imagine you are anywhere you mind wants to take you... aaaand relaaaaax!

I will give a spesh mention to the Flash Balm which can be used as a light moisturiser or as a primer before make up... I've only used this a few a times so couldn't review this fully yet but I'm loving the fresh citrus scent and it does seem to reflect the light from your face- not in a shimmery glitzy way (god no) think more dewy and glowy... a picture of radiance from within! (so disappointing that the mental images I have of myself can often be shattered when my eyes meet a mirror like but heeey that's how the balm makes me feel and look!)
Surely priceless?

For anyone who hasn't tried the Frangipani Monoi Body Oil before I urge you to do so... Not being bossy here BUT you so need it in your bathroom and I think it will improve your life! Ok ok so perhaps I'm being a touch dramatic there (it's me nature!) but it really is a lovely product. It's a solid wax like formula in the bottle that you melt down (turn hot tap on... fill sink... simples) into the most deliciously aromatic oil that can be used in your bath or on your body or as luxiourious cuticle treatment.
 I tend to apply it to wet hair after washing (skip conditioner) then go to bed... wake in the morning and wash/condition as per and you will have the softest, shiniest sweetest smelling hair EVAAAAH! I only do this like once a fortnight and a little really does go a long away so even this travel size can see you through a good while.

The Nourishing Shower Cream is a staple and a constant in my cupboard, leaves skin ultra clean and super soft, its my 'go to' when I fancy a little extra loving... And I'm still talking skin care here (mucky pups!)

The Illuminating Hand Cream I'm excited by and I'm going to use it today for the first time... hopefully it will do as it promises (I have every faith Elemis!) and my Nails of The Day posts will be over run with comments like... "ooh Kate, forget that gorgeous new colour you're wearing, how the hell do your hands look so spectacular??"  A girls got to set the bar hasn't she?

So what are our thoughts on this? Anyone tried anything? If you're new to the brand or fancying trying anything you can read more and  my review on the Pro Collagen Skincare Set HERE

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Merci et Au revior

k xxxxxx