Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hey Lushies

Today I'm bringing you some MAC lust. And this lust has a name. This lust goes by the name of FLAT OUT FABULOUS. 
And it is. It truly is. 

Flat Out Fabulous was part of the Retro Matte Fall Collection which launched back in September so I've posted this a tad later than planned (yaaa think?!) but I thought I'd share as I'm so impressed.

Also it's an excuse to say 'flaaaart art faaaaahbulous daaaahling' in my head each time I type it.
Little things people. Little things.

As the name of the collection suggests the the lipstick has a matte finish which I simply adore. 

Tis so sultry but my gosh get the Vaseline and toothbrush out for good smoothing prior to applying because this baby? She is UN-FOR-GIV-ING and clings on like a forgotten ex to any dry patches. And whilst we have found ourselves comparing a lipstick to an ex it's worth saying that it will also sap the life out of your lips whilst you wear it. We've all had one... 

Mac describe this as a cool toned bright matte plum and it is BUT with me being ever so translucent (read that as washed out and peaky looking) it does look an almost  purple fuschia affair on me.
A good thing in my booky wook!

So keep your eyes a peeled for Mac relaunching (or recycling under another name... naughty mac)

Until the next time

Muchos Love 

Kate xxxx

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Big Come Back Post

Hello lovely people! And a Merry Christmas to you all!

Em no sorry I was MIA for that... Hows about a bit of happy new year then??? 

What? Oh it doesn't count 16 days into January does it not. OK.
Well ummmm...
(You are making me work for this!)

Or shall I make my grand entrance with a little peek around the door to check I still have followers before pirouetting in and air kissing the lot of you? Aaah tis sorted... I'll do that.

I'm camping it up mind and channelling my inner Kylie. Think Miss Minogue at G.A.Y. Feeling that sparkle and working them Louboutins. YES. 

HEY BABIES! *jazz hands* *wiggles bum*

Another month, another year even and AGAIN I've managed to fall spectacularly off the blogging bandwagon. And you know what? I fell straight off into a BIG COMFY PILE OF LAZINESS. No excuses. Just decided to sleep. Any free time I managed to snatch was just spent duveting it up. Blissful but unproductive!

It's 2014 and it's mid January and I'm kinda pleased I didn't post about my New Year Resolutions as I had broken the vast majority of them by like the 2nd! (BIG STYLE)

Here's a lil round up though...


Note the purse in this picture... blogging and online shopping go hand in hand yes?

* Keep blogging and expand pretty little us to include life, love, family, food, failures, achievements and of course oodles and oodles of beauty beauty beauty!

*Mebs move to word press although I don't know why I want to do this, I just feel I should... thoughts?

* You Tube channel. Yes.

* Florida fund. Start it, book it. DISNEY it. I'm coming for ya Minnie!!!

* A new addition to Familie Brandenburg?

* Abs like slabs (although I appreciate they may be compromised by the above resolution!)

* Remember the day before I'm back at work isn't a wasted day of COMPLETE DREAD... it's still a day to use and embrace! (I tend to spend that day clock watching with  deep conditioner slathered on my hair and a heavy heart)

* See my friends more... I miss them!

* Reply to texts

* Enter competitions... Seriously I've read that people do it professionally and live A-LIST off their winnings and freebies! (I also heard that people will believe anything they hear if they want it to be true.)

* Own a beautiful and ridiculously indulgent and expensive handbag. I've never really cared about bags (always the shoes and clothes) BUT tis my mish this year. Some seriously sexy arm candy. Something worth mugging me for.


* Positive thinking and inner peace... Well that took a back seat to me tantruming and catastrophising by sun down on news years day. I was tired AND hormonal OK. (Every days a gift just ask my husband!) Plus it's a hard habit to break. We are talking a lifetime of brattishness... totes learnt behaviour, I blame the parents! (Sorry Ma and Pa Moran!)

* Detox... Er need I explain this. (still have Christmas chocolates left!)

* Write blog posts filled with wit, love and wisdom. Oh.

Lets keep this reals people.

All of the above don't have an expiry date though and every day is a fresh start.

Although surely all fresh starts should be postponed until a Monday though? :)

See you soon for lipstick and lifestyle

Taraaa for now

k xxxx

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