Sunday, 24 November 2013

700 Follower YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Christmas Giveaway

So something spectacular has happened! I've hit lucky number 700 bloglovin followers and it feels UHMEZZZZIN!
I am genuinely over whelmed by the response and support I've received since starting Pretty little Us and I love how seeing a blog post comment or canny little tweet can brighten up my day!
So this giveaway is my celebration and my thank you! Oh and it's my MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS too!

Now I know you ladies (and gents) love your lipstick and I have fallen in love the formula of the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine range. The packaging is TO DIE and I professed my love for the shade Prune In Fire here. So I'm giving one lucky duck the chance to be the proud owner of this sexy lil lipstick in THE SHADE OF YOUR CHOICE.... 
So yes. You will win a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in  any shade you want :)

Gorgeous image credited to FleurDeForce- Best YSL lippy image google provided :)

If you'd like to enter my giveaway then you need to complete the Raffle copter form below. The only mandatory entries are to follow me on Bloglovin, GFC (now all the 'is gfc going' drama is over!) and Twitter. The rest are optional but the more steps you complete then the more entries you gain so it's worth spending an extra few moments doing them (says she!)

The giveaway will be open internationally and open to everyone over and including the age of 16. All entries will be verified and check with any false or incomplete entries being deleted and removed. I'll email the winner on the email address provided and announced via Twitter @_prettylittleus and added to Rafflecopter widget.

Sorry to go all bad cop with the rules and regs but there you have it!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and love to all

Kate xxxx

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Morning Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys and Dolls
Today I'm sharing with you my morning routine.
 (Minus the incessant pressing of the snooze button and gentle screaming encouragement at my boys to GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!!)

It looks like a lot doesn't it?
I guess it is but it's all part of my bid to tame the queen of bitches that is my skin! Seriously it still hasn't decided if it wants to be sensitive, spotty, oily or flaky... often it can be all of those things at once!

I just know my Grandma will see this and say  (in your best Geordie accent please)
 "eeee al av ever used is watta nd a flannel nd av nivva had a spot yit, folk use owa much noo-a-days"

Clearly Grandma I've not been blessed with your genes!

So basically I use a gel or foaming cleanser in the morning to freshen my face and help wake my ass up. Currently using Elemis Fresh Skin Gel Wash which is lovely and brightening and satisfyingly tightening! It's also aimed at younger skin so I find it a delightful little ego boost that it works well for me!... makes me feel all young and precious! 
I use the Clarisonic religiously and love the deep cleaning, pore emptying results it gives. That said I really must improve my attitude to replacing the brushes though... oopsie! 

I ALWAYS ALWAYS splash my face with cold water before allowing a towel to touch it. (or come within 10 metres of it actually... can't be too careful!)
 I've done it for years and it's an odd little 'quirk' but I was told many moons ago that ice water closes your pores and stops any dirt getting in. (I know i know) I'm set in my ways and it's too late trying to change me now :)

After washing  I give my face and neck a quick sweep of Clarins Exfoliating toner then Yves Rocher Clarifying lotion. I wouldn't be without the Clarins (I have stock) and the Yves Rocher is a mattifying gel that probably doesn't qualify for repurchase status.

Tea Tree Oil is always a standard, I'm not sure I ever (EVAAAAH) have a day where there's not blemishes... yes plural *throws self on floor and sobs*  

If I'm having a no make up day then I use my Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules or my Decleor Aromessence Neroli Face Oil. I find these boost hydration and leave my skin supple. 
There's certainly nothing in the myth that adding oil to oily skin makes it worse... quite the opposite for me.
(That may of been another pearl of Grandma wisdom)

Sakare Eye Cream- I picked this up in London and the story behind it will require a post of it's very own. It's good though. If I can face the ordeal again I'd quite like to get another.
I rotate a few moisturisers at any one time (to keep my skin on its toes) and currently it's Elemis ProCollagen Marine Cream and Decleor Hydra Floral that are floating my boat. They are both UHMEZZING and PCMC is most definitely a holy grail product.

La Roche-Posay sunscreen- I always wear this if I'm doing the bare faced chic 'look' as I find it beautifully mattifying as well as being a shield against all the nasty UVAs and UVBs... apparently those guys penetrate even the darkest clouds on the coldest days so we aren't safe even if it's minus temperatures outside.
Bit dramatic like but that's how I roll!!

Aaaaand finally a bit of Blistex Relief Cream. The perfect lip protector. It smells satisfyingly medicinal so you know it's working. I do about three tubes a month. (excessive) 

So there we go. That's my morning routine which in fairness is keeping my complexion as near clear and flawless as I think I'll ever get, as finding the perfect skin care routine is something I'm yet to conquer. 
I've done it all, from just using face wipes to throwing triple the amount of products at my face!

Maybe there's a magic potion?Is there a miracle product out there? Is there? Is there?
I know the answer doesn't lie within facial wipes though and I'll leave you with Caroline Hiron's theory about face wipes... they are for the THREE F's... festivals, flights and fannys!

On that note... Taaaaaaraaaaaa


k xxxxxxx

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick- Prune In Fire

Hi Everyone. Hope you are all as fabulous as I just KNOW you look.

I have some serious lip action for you today. The sort of lipstick you can praise the Goddess of Autumn for. This shiny gorgeous golden bullet of bad boyNESS was the reason I wished away the remainder of August. The reason I willed the fluffy cardie and buckled boots season to arrive. 


As impulsive as I am all that 'wishing away' carry on occurred before I'd even sampled this on my lips. I mean I swatched in shop... sure! But an arm swatch doesn't really tell you how this going is going to look painted on your pout does it? 

The packaging though? Oh it's a bit sexy like. 

So first things first.
 It has a smooth and moisturising formula that slides across the lips with no tugging or pulling. It glides on leaving a deep intense colour with a beautiful glossy sheen.

Prune in Fire is incredibly pigmented. It's a striking claret colour that looks less berry more burgundy on the lips. The strength of the shade is balanced beautifully by the glossy glistening finish though.

Me and my cack hands had a right faff on applying this. I'm well aware I may be alone in creating such a mess when simply getting my pout on but I'm an honest girly and prone to over sharing so here it goes.

I was a mess. I seriously had lipstick from "a***hole to breakfast time" (quoting my late Granda there!) If you need that owld Geordie saying deciphered then it simply means... 'it was everywhere'. And it was.
Teeth, cheeks, neck and eyelid. 
How I do not know! But the message is clear... apply with caution! :)

In all seriousness though, it is a bit smudgy for like the first hour but the actual colour does leave lips with a rather satisfying stain for hours!
 Rule of thumb, if lips are shiny they are smudgy so gan steady! (another bit of geordie wisdom for you there!)

I love the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine range. I want to add more colours to my collection... Any recommendations? Have you had any ridiculous lipstick mishaps? It can't just be me with the skill set of a five year old... CAN IT? :)


k  xxxxxxx

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Leighton Denny 8 Piece Leighton Loves Glamour Collection

Hello all you lovely lovely people!
I've got a bit of a nail post for you today. Containing some rather delightful colours all brought to your by the king of manicures himself... MISTERRR LEIGHTONNNN DENNNYYYY (I do hope you read that in your best Xfactor/Little Britain voice over voice mind!).
Writing this post has reminded me of a few things... 

One- I'd forgotten how amazey Leighton's Angel Dust is
Two- Leighton does colour like no other
Three- I definitely need a little nail wheel thing for swatching

This was a QVC TSV at the beginning of the month which I had decided I NEEDED before even seeing it on screen. (ridiculous I know...)It's an 8 piece set containing four high performance nail colours, a sparkly colour and go duo, a crystal finish top coat, remove and go polish remover and some miracle drops all wrapped up in this gorgeous little bag (complete with compartments inside!!!)

I paint my nails almost daily, it's part of my evening routine whilst watching corrie or what ever reality TV treat I'm into! And I swear I could not be without my Miracle Drops- no matter how dry I 'think' my nails are before bed, I WILL get pillow print on them if I don't use them!

This is a rich creamy turquoise that's shot through with the finest silver and teal particles creating a metallic finish. Its cool toned so perfect as an alternative to berry shades this season. Equally this would compliment a tan and look incredible on your tootsies.
(Must paint mine... they are shock-KING!)
 As the name suggests it's an opaque finish and as I was applying it I was half tempted to get my real techniques face brush out and use it as a foundation!! Honestly I think it would be the perfect colour for my face but on my nails I'm not sure I'm feeling it. I do like a nudey neutral but this is just too cream for me... I think I'll give this another whirl in the spring/summer.
(It's probably just my corpsey hands that aren't doing this polish justice!)
Actually this would be an ideal base for nail arty creations.
Now this colour is luciously sexy gorgeous. It's incredibly glossy and applies like a dream. It's a sheer almost juicy formula but gives full coverage with two coats (Leighton always seals the deal with the second coat). If you are wanting a berry nail then this my Leightonista's is it. I've found your one!
It makes me want to drench my lips in a matching colour get my strut on! 
(hip swinging, bum wiggling sorta strut too!)
A neural yet shimmering gun metal gray that is already loved and cherished by yours truly. It goes with everything and makes me feel a bit rock chick (whilst listening to and loving Katy Perry!). It actually reminds me of a posh kitchen bench but before you go and search google can I just say this is a longstanding favourite!
Gold dust and Angel Dust
 Gentle shimmering sparkling particles that are contained in the glossy topcoat. They look beautifully delicate and catch the light like little twinkling stars. The finish is smooth too so no clicking your tights on chunky flakes of glitter! (EVERY.SINGLE YEAR.)

Whats your favourite> Any recommendations for my matching Christmas party lips?


Saturday, 16 November 2013


Image originally from we heart it... also pinched from unnakednails

Hey beautiful bloggers, got a quick little tag post today. Perfect if you fancy a nice little nosey around the beauty habits (both good and bad) of others! :)

 I spotted this tag on Catrine's blog and I also pinched the image (she gave permish on her post though!) 

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.
Haha trying to decide whether I should be honest here... I could play it safe and say tweezing my brows between HD appointments BUT I'm going to be BRUTAL and say that... DE FUZZING MY PINS (and such) isn't done as often as it should be!!
As soon as the summer sun disappears I develop this couldn't care less attitude to hair removal. 
I'm married so what can i say?
2. Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly ?
I actually enjoy washing my tools! Probably do it once a week/week and a half! In tea tree oil wash... fresh!
 I guess it's all part of my mish to prevent, combat, obliterate any nasties that take (regular) residence on my face!

3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish ?
SAY WUT??? I don't cope well with chips, i would remove IMMEDIATELY!! 
(Then go lie down in a darkened room)

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it ? (i.e. topcoat, foundation and so on).
If I need it I have it! I have overflow and hoarding issues!
And what of it? :)

5. What is your worst beauty habit ?
Squeezing, picking and generally not leaving well alone!
I'll never learn it makes them worse.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time.
Anything that requires a longer than 2 minute attention span.
I have two spare bedrooms at the moment, one could be a play room for the boys and the other a study or even a dedicated beauty room BUT can I motivate myself to sort them out? NOPE

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not ? 
ABSOLUTELY. I'm always late, for anything and everything. 
In fact friends refer to me as Late not Kate (CLEV-VER) 
They also lie to me about what time we are meeting, they shave an hour off in the hope that factoring in my tardiness I'll actually get there on time- yes an hour late than planned but actually on time for them! 
I could allocate 6 hours to getting ready and I'll put off starting or getting the shower until the last possible minute. 

8. Can you commit to spending bans? 
Palpitations at the mere consideration of it!

9. How organised are your make-up and nail polish collections ?
Nail varnishes are grouped into brands and then within group they are colour coded. Yes really. My make up has only recently been sorted and I have to say it makes getting ready so much easier... almost a pleasure! Christ I maybe need to get a life!
10. What is the longest time you’ve gone without writing a blog post ?
Eeee funny you should ask... I recently just started blogging after an eight week break. 
I just got crazy busy. My November resolution is block photo sessions and scheduling posts... SAYS SHE!

I'm not going TAG anyone in particular for this post so I guess it's an open invite for you do at your leisure.
Fancy giving it a go? It's super quick so not too time consuming and I love reading this sorta malarkey. If you do then give me a tweet and send me your link as I'm proper nosey  :)

 k xxxxxx

Thursday, 14 November 2013

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

Hello all you lovely people. 
Sharing the love today...
Aaaah you know when you fall head OWA heels and have the butterflies, the excitement and the overwhelming sense of contentment? Well I have all of those things right this second. 
 Actually in all fairness I have a lot of love for a lot of foundations (fickle). Which one I go to depends entirely on my fettle (fickle AND flighty). At the moment I have a few on rotation... Benefit, Laura Geller, Perricone and Bourjois to name drop a few. 
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation has been a favourite a good few months now and since Autumn kicked in with it's winter-esque temperatures I've found myself reaching for this more often.
I'm putting it down to the rosy undertones brightening my complexion.

This is radiance in a perfectly packaged bottle. BELIEVE.

It blends in effortlessly and feels weightless on the skin. My skin isn't perfect by any stretch but this gives as close to a flawless finish as I've had and that's before the concealer and powder come out to play!
Oh and it has a pump too so none of this spatula or pouring out nonsense that seem to dominate 'posher' brands. 

I have the shade BR10 which is a pinky toned porcelain. For me this works beautifully as I'm paler than your average polar bear and my skin tone isn't what you'd describe as warm. Think Snow White or an Ice Queen and you're on the right track.
 (Hoying myself a few compliments in there... got to love yourself before anyone else will love you n all that!) 

I'd say this is medium coverage, it's certainly not heavy or cakey but it offers more perfection than say a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. 
The finish is dewy, luminous and perfecting.

The picture above is me (hiya) wearing the Teint Touche Eclat Foundation, I've swept on a bit of blusher and MAC Soft and Gentle on my cheek bones. No concealer or powder so you can see the how magic it is. 
 A laaaaaverleeee finish don't you agree.

The obvious draw back of this is the price tag, you can get this at Boots for £29 so it's definitely a high end sort of affair. I was lucky and got mine through Miss Make Magpie's (legendary) blog sale. I'll certainly be re-purchasing.
A little goes along way though I tend to use more if I'm being all profesh and applying with a brush. Maybe I'm doing something wrong!!

Have you tried this? Have I tempted you? What foundation makes your Holy Grail status?


k xxxxx

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Monday, 11 November 2013

November Wishes and Wants

Hey hey hey sexy ladies and gents! Welcome to my first wish list post :)
 I love having a peruse at what others are currently coveting! I mean a girl has got to keep her eyes peeled for the next bandwagon to leap on hasn't she? 

Many a time I've taken to Polyvore and began to create a beautiful collage of things I would love to own... BUT!
 I then encounter a ridiculously dangerous stumbling block. It seems to be that the things I want quickly turn into things I've decided I need. 
Not just need but like really NEEEEEED!
Inevitably I buy them (IMPULSIVELY... yes, REGRETFULLY... probably!)

This is the month of November and like most I curtail my excessive spending in preparation for Santie coming.

So here is my genuine lust list 

November Need List

Velvet Scrunchie

DISCLAIMER for any purchases I do end up making.
I really do NEED a winter coat and I have fancied the Oribe texturising spray for aaaaages...

What are you currently wishing for? What should I be adding to my (ever growing) list?


k xxxxx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Honey I'm Home... Cosmo Awards and Blog Break

How you all doing? Wrapped up for winter? Sipping on gingerbread lattes and feeling festive? I know you blogging lot well don't I? :)

This feels so strange! I haven't blogged since September and it's November.
 It. Is. November.

I've obviously taken a blogging break but it was a completely unintentional one. 2 months worth... My God! 
Nothing in my life is ever planned, I mean I do have (some) self awareness so I know I'm a touch chaotic and ridiculously a tad disorganised but to be MIA for like 8 weeks is longer than I expected... I guess life just took over. 
The weirdest thing is that I have actually made time to blog over the past few weeks BUT I am Lady Procrastinator, plus I've had the back-to-blogging nerves, like when you've been on holiday and the night before you go back to work you feel all tentative and clueless!

So before I start posting about lipstick and other such important items I'll give you a quick recap of my October...

Aw little bit of reminisce as I uploaded that picture. YES October saw me with my fingers and eyes crossed at the Cosmo Blog Awards. I didn't win of course but massive congratulations to all the wonderful winners on the night.
I have a (not so) secret soft spot for Megan (simply quirky gorgeousness) and Hannah (stunning... I want her teeny lil waist) and I can see them two in the established beauty section next year.
I met loads of amazing people and got some hilariously cringe photo booth pictures.
So if you nominated me or voted for me then I can't thank you enough and I won't stop being grateful, I feel incredibly lucky to have been there.


I rocked a bit of Candy Yum Yum on the lips but BE WARNED... Do NOT apply Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate over it at any point or your neon pink pout will develop a darkened violet sorta hue.

My plaited up-do was thanks to the super lovely Amanda White who was sent through Return to Glory which is a London based company that offers a mobile service direct to your door- you want your hair done? your make up applied? a massage? some yoga? They'll send someone to do it!

Pink lips, blue nails and BEEEOWDIFAL blue suede shoes.


And what a bag of treats!
Cheers Cosmo :)

Oh and October also saw me saying goodbye to my beautiful home bred  Ragdoll kittens. My little Ella and Tottie (christened by my two boys) went off to their forever homes renamed Mia and Izzy.

Here's a little picture of my boys and my golden retriever Phoebe... three little culprits guilty of keeping me busy :)
A little off topic BUT I have no recent photos of me and my husband. 
That is my MISH in November.

See you VERY soon...

Lots of lovely love

Love K

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