Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pure Pedi Exfoliating Boots Review

Hey people, fancy talking some tootsies today? 


I saw these exfoliating boots advertised on QVC and after hearing the sales pitch (total sucker for the hard sell!) and seeing the demonstration and results I thought  I need to get me them magic boots! And after parting with just under £20 they were winging their way to me in 3-5 working days.

In short these boots are an exfoliating treatment with an exclusive formula of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to remove dry and cracked skin build up from your stompers. And better yet it claims they can give you perfectly smooth feet for up to two years. 
They work by causing the dry, dull and dead skin to peel away thus leaving feet soft and super smooth.

The application bit is super easy, simply slip on the boots and reeeeelax (well actually you can walk around  in them but if you're looking for an excuse to put your feet up then this is the kiddie!) for a good 45- 60 minutes.

I'm an instant gratification girl so I knew it was going to be struggle waiting for the big peel... and mind I did some waiting. It was almost two weeks until I began shedding like a snake but BOY OH BOY did I shed! My skin actually peeled off in sheets. I totally became obsessed with it, so satisfying. Like when you get glue on on fingers at school but on a bigger better scale.

So now the peeling has stopped I'm been a little mortified at how my feet look... yes the soles and heels are soft and smooth but the bridge and sides of my feet are dry and dare I say scaly. 
Apparently some dryness during the process is to be expected but a month has passed now and it's showing no signs of improvement.
You aren't supposed to use moisturiser whilst awaiting the results but I'm thinking it's been just over four weeks now so I've resigned myself to the fact that my feet in their current state are probably as good as their going to get... pass me the peppermint foot cream already!

Did I love? I loved the peeling the skin off my feet

Did I loathe? I loathe the dry dehydrated patches that I remain plagued with!

Would I buy again? Probably not as it's quite pricey for something that is discarded after one use, don't get me wrong if it worked 100% I'd happily pay double but fact is it didn't work it's miracle promises on me.
*sad face*

Have you had better results with this? Or are you tempted to try it?
Don't be shy to leave a comment and your link as I love reading your comments and finding new blogs :)

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  1. The peeling stage looks so much fun, shame it didn't work 100% though. I had a Callus Peel done which really helped!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. Ooh sounds interesting (*types callus peel into google*)
      I adored the peeling stage, I became obsessed with it though!!xxx

  2. I am in desperate need of something to sort out my poor feet, if this was cheaper, I would definitely give it a go! in the meantime foot scrubs and pumice stones it is! Megan xxx www.emmiegee.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Haha that's what I'm reverting back to :) cxx

  3. I got something similar in Primark which I'm going to try you can also get cheaper versions on ebay so I might give them a go too, really want mine sorted for my hols.

    1. Ooh let me know how you get on.... I was expecting more of these if I'm honest xxx

  4. I just bought some Asian ones a few days ago for a couple of euros. I hope they'll work better. My friend had some from another company and she was amazed!

  5. Oohhh how sad that it didn't work for you :( have you found anything else thats worked?