Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Daniel Sandler Sculpt And Sim Review


You know what... I'm not complaining at what God gave me (I am) but I guess if I'd had a lil more say I would of tweaked my order slightly.
Shinier hair, perfect skin, a bit more of a Victoria's Secret sorta a body oh and definitely some chisel to my cheek bones.

I sound so shallow (I am) but this is a beauty blog so it's a space to indulge yes?

Yes. And today I'm all about the cheekbones. Kate Moss and Keira Knightly have them and Kim, Kourtney and Khloe fake em with shading and highlighting.

Contouring is the technique of the moment and as I'm not blessed with angles I've been on the hunt for the perfect contour kit.

naturally blessed
I've tried a few different kits and even tried DIYing it with bronzer and highlighter... it didn't work, I'm not that skilled so I looked a bit em MUDDY and like I just needed a good wash! 

I have the Benefit Fake Up Concealer sticks that I bought in light and dark as I'd seen a demo where these had been used to contour, so I had go myself and you know what they worked amazingly... but only the first time I tried it! That's probably owing to the fact the first time I did it I had no time constraints and could devote effort and energy into applying and blending . 
Subsequent attempts have been just that. ATTEMPTS. Generally anything that I have to apply my foundation over ends up discolouring it and I'm left looking less defined, more dopey!

Plus I'm always pushed for time (unbelievably disorganised) and I just don't have the inclination spending anything more that 5 minutes on my face on work mornings.

So when I saw the gorgey Daniel Sandler on QVC talking about his Sculpt and Slim powder compact I had to have it! 
Oh that, and two more water colour blushes and the illuminating face powder... what? they are seriously fabulous, so that makes it totally ok!

The mirrored compact contains two pressed powders. The darker matte shade is used for contouring and lighter shimmery powder for highlighting.

So after the rest of my face is done I just sweep the darker part under my cheekbones (I suck them in... see first picture for example!) then dust the highlighter over my cheekbones, my brow bone and down the centre of my nose.

I love the results and you can see how soft and dewy the highlighter looks here.

And check oot the chisel on this photo, totally thrilled! Just call me Keira or em... Kate? As in Moss NOT as in Kate as in my name. So when you next say Kate think of the supermodel, think of me and think of the Sculpt and Slim :)

You got me?
(It's ok I've confused myself too!)

So to summarise this product is now an absolute staple in my daily routine, it literally takes seconds to apply and blends like a dream. 
It's not faffy in anyway at all, believe me it would of been relegated to spesh occasion status if it had of been... I'm too lazy for words!

So tell me your thoughts? What are we thinking? Have you tried Daniel Sandler before? Do you have any spectacular contouring kits? 

Looking forward to reading your lovely comments and please leave your links as I check out all blogs :)

kate (?moss)

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  1. Oooh I like the sound of this as I too am pretty lazy with my makeup effort level and have been experimenting with contouring but am yet to find the perfect product so I'll have to get myself some of this!

    Lulu xx

  2. Ooo I have been nosing at Daniel Sandler products for a while now ooooing and arrrriinnng! You look perfecto as usual doll. Xx

  3. Looks a bit like the Sleek contour kit!
    But your cheekbones do look lavleyyyyy!
    Alicekatex ♥

  4. gorgeous makeup!

    would you like to follow each other?

  5. I think this such a fabulous "everyday look". You my dear are absolutely stunning!