Tuesday, 9 July 2013

June Is Hauling Out All Over

Hello all you gorgeous lovely people. It's been too long hasn't it? I'm pulling the been busy decorating" card... AGAIN! It's hard to believe but it's true, I'm queen procrastinator plus I've developed a rather unhealthy obsession with buying tester pots of paint. Seriously I'm buying them as if they were nail polish... CURAYZEEE or what. 
My walls are like a bonny piece of patchwork though :)

Anyhow lets get back to it. Before my June haul ends up being an August post!!!

As ever included in the monthly stash of splurges there is the great, the bad and the utterly pointless (as all compulsive shoppers can identify with I'm sure!)

We'll start with possibly the best invention for super duper skin evaaaaah. 
The Clarisonic Face and Body Brush has absolutely rocked my world this month. I use it morning and night with my regular cleansers. I'm converted, my skin has never looked as smooth or felt as soft. 
Word of warning though... 
My oh my never (ever) make the mistake of letting the battery go flat, I went to use it this morning and it was completely dead. Devastated doesn't even cover it. I was actually overwhelmed with despair, palpitations, catastrophising THE LOT!

There's a few bandwagon purchases this month and the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm was a conga line I just had to join. In this cute little set you get the cleansing balm, moisturiser and eye cream. 
The Moringa balm is everything it promises and I expected. 
In fact on balance I think it has the edge over the Elemis cleansing balm as it dissolves eye make without any stinging or aggravation. That includes complete annihilation of Benefits They're Real Mascara... Now tell me that ain't impressive?

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. It's been blogged to death and its a Marmite product.
 For me though... J'Adore.
 I'm on to tube number three and as you can see I'm like madame scrooge cutting it open and making sure I get every last splodge of product! It did burn a bit at first but that was likely due to over zealous and excessive application, once a day is fine for me and it sort of keeps pores empty and in fairness who wants cloggy ones?

Slighty off topic but going back the Marmite phrase... I happen to LOVE Marmite (on toast with melty cheese) but I shudder when anyone describes themselves a Marmite character, "you'll either love me or hate me blah blah blah", I save myself time by instantly deciding to 'hate' them! 
Harsh? But to be fair you only usually hear big brother hopefuls uttering such words!

Lush treats... 
The Mask of Magnaminty is a repurchase and its so good for drawing out and drying out any impurities. Keep it by the bath and slap on whenever you have a spare ten minutes.

The CupCake mask is aimed at teenage skin so I avoided eye contact when buying... Bet the guy at till was dying to say, erm the wrinkle stuff is over there love! It was fine though, both he and I remained composed :)

The Catastrophe Cosmetic mask smells gorgeous and that's probably owing to the fact it contains bits of actual (fresh from the punnet) blueberries. Its cooling, calming and leaves you looking clean and rejuvenated. 

Elemis Elemis Elemis... Skin Bliss Capsules are indeed considered Holy Grail. You can read my review on these little beauts here (only if you want to of course)

Something a little bit different. 

Pure Pedi Exfoliating Boots. Now talk about the sublime to ridiculous one minute I'm in Lush trying pass as a 17 year old and the next I'm buying ANTI-AGING foot care! 

These boots are an alpha hydroxy acid treatment and 2-3 weeks after using your hard, manky, dry and cracked skin will have peeled off. Think of a snake shedding and you've got the picture.
Now there will be a good old review post about these as I'm currently awaiting results. Exciting!

Standard summer restock of fakey tan. I'm uber pale, in fact I look blue some lights so I need something that gives a natural sun kissed glow and He-Shi is the product to deliver that.
I've used this on and off for over the years and I keep going back to it. That is high praise indeed as I consider myself to know the false tan world inside out!
Now regular readers know my love for Mr Leighton Denny's nail varnishes so when he brought out the sun believable range I HAD to order (bad things would of happened if I ignored the urge). 
It's a gradual tan so I intend on applying every other day, just to you know... take the edge off!

Oh but what's a monthly haul without a nod to Soap and Glory. I've used this brand for years now and the first thing I ever bought was the Glow Lotion. It's been repurchased many a time as I find its the only product that make my sans tan legs socially acceptable!

The Beauty Blender... I've used it once, I was rushed, I was tired and it was a bad face day. So I'm thinking that is probably clouding my judgement as I wasn't blown away by this little pink egg.
.I'm wondering if I expected ridiculous miracles... like a swipe of the sponge around my face and then I'm Mila Klunis? 
I'll have another go though as a million amazing reviews can't all be wrong :)

Revitalash Volumising Primer. I do love an eyelash primer. I was at one time completely devoted to Loreal Double Extension mascara and I think that it was down to it having a separate primer! 
Oh mind it's the little things!
The bestest thing about this is applies as a bright electric blue so if you want to channel your inner eighties chick... then you can ditch the proper mascara and do so!

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora. These both create luminous glowing beautiful skin, I love them.Just utterly love them.
 Espesh the foundation.
A huge thank you to the gorgeous Gemma of Miss Make Up Magpie fame for these! That gurl can certainly shop!

Mac monthlys... June was Rihanna's Riri Loves Mac launch and boy was I ready. I already have Riri Woo and was worried she was getting lonely (pathetic justification I know!) so I knew it when it came to adding to the collection it was going to be heart over head sorta purchase.
It launched at 12pm and by 12.20pm I was the proud owner of RiRi Boy (basically a matte up the amp) and Hibiscus Kiss which is a bronzer and blush combined.
Got a nice little Riri Loves Mac review coming up so keep your fluttery lash framed eyes peeled! 

My first ever Smashbox buy... A sweetly beautiful lip gloss in Pout. It's pretty, it's shimmery and no gloopy stickiness. Gold medal or what?

Maybelline buys... So I went to Superdrug for some paracetamols and this happened! It's rather tame and I'm blaming thanking the migraine! Me having unsupervised access to make up with a debit card could of been soooo much worse!
Maybelline gel liner repurchase as I do enjoy the brush applicator but I have so say I find it a tad smudgy.
A prime example of life giving with one hand and taking away with the other!

And filed under the POINTLESS purchase category... Maybelline Dream Touch blush. Again I'm relating this to the migraine, nothing wrong with the product but its a pale peachy shade and I know from many years of experience that that colour serves no positive with me. 

Final furlong people... thanks for staying with me :)

I could not even contemplate a month without showing my talons some love so first up is The Leighton Denny Moisture Collection. 
Perfect for a bit of nail TLC. I have long strong nails but they are prone to peeling (probably because they usually drenched in varnish!) so this little kit will keep pesky peels to a minimum. 
Oh and in the world of buffers... Leighton's one is
the cats cream. Gets nails so shiny you'd think you had a clear coat of polish on.

This Nails Inc bundle came as part of an auto delivery I signed up to in March with QVC and they weren't the colours they advertised. I had been expecting a hot pink leather so was DEVO when that didn't land. Saying that though  it's a good mix of colours with the blue and holographic silver being my personal favourites.

L-R pembroke square, royal mews, st james square, brighton, hampton court peace gardens, featherstone street

Now being a nail junkie and a slave to topshop it seems shocking that until two weeks ago I had never sampled a topshop polish... WELL I HAVE NOW! 
The packaging is cute and Green Room is my colour of the month... a real striking jade and no chips for two days.
Also picked up a Models Own nail art pen so I can get creative... shame I'm cack handed like!!

Phew that felt exhausting just typing it out, imagine how hurt and used my bank account feels :)

Anyone tried any of these products? Any thoughts or recommendations? As always I read and reply to every single comment and they put such a smile on my face.

Oooh and a spot of UHMEZZING news... my little blog has been shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award, Best New Beauty Blog :) 
I'm so unbelievably overwhelmed as I've not even been doing this 4 months yet! 
So if you like my blog and enjoy reading then I'd love you to vote for me and you can do it here or there is a button on my home page.

Until next time...


k xxxx


  1. Good god my lovely I am so jealous of your haul! There's so many nice items!!
    I love the amount of nail products!

    1. I think I may addiction issues when it comes to buying nails products! :) xxx

  2. Good lord we really do have IDENTICAL cosmetic tatses.. I'n crazy jealous that you managed to get RiRi Boy AND the bronze/blush.. I only managed the cult RiRi woo, missed out on the lustre drops & Heaux I was lusting after!

    Desperate to try the YSL foundation, whats the wear time like though? I cant be bothered with regular touch ups, if I spend time applying it I want it to stay!

    rachelle xo

    1. Great minds Rachelle :) aaah I adore the ysl foundation and I feel my skin still looks luminous after a 12 hour shift... No oxidising or sliding off (I can get a tad oily). I always use
      A primer though so couldn't comment on its wear time without xxx

  3. Lovely stuff, I really want to try the EH Cleansing Balms! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. Maddy it's a lovely product, so gentle and despite being a balm it doesn't increase any oiliness on your skin cxx

  4. Urgh jealous!!! They look so good. I wanna try the YSL foundation. And elemis products, they're very much on my radar at the moment!

    Molly x

    1. Molly they are probably my favourites of the entire haul :) I have a few products on the radar too- my wish list keeps getting bigger :) xxx

  5. Oh my good god I just posted a comment and it bludy disappeared -.- you are the queen of hauling my lovely and I enjoyed it as always! I know I've already text you saying this but OMG SO SO SO SO SO PLEASED/PROUD of you being short listed (I feel like a proud mam) xxx

    1. Aw bless Faith! keep smiling and it all feels a tad surreal!cxxx

  6. Amazing haul! Totally lusfing over so many of those products :) Massive congrats on being short listed for the Cosmo awards - got my fingers crossed for you! X

    1. Aw thank you :) I was so shocked, totally cannot stop smiling! Xxx

  7. I totally just laughed at Miss Makeup Magpie fame! I reckon we could totally do a shop off you know :D you'd deffo give me a run for my money that's for sure haha xxxxxxxxxx

    1. We have issues Gemma. It's a problem :) xxx

  8. What a great review!! I just stubbled across your blog... and I love it!! I like that you are straight to the point. We also share a bunch of favourites!!
    Needless to say, you just made me want to do some shopping. For some LUSH masks I have yet to try (i've tried cupcake and loved it!) and Glow Lotion by S&G.
    Thank you for a great post!!

    Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo

    1. Aw thanks Sarah, such a lovely comment. Xxxx

  9. Now this is one hell of a haul! Admittedly I haven't even heard of half of the products you have mentioned!
    Thankyou for sharing your link the other day! :)


    1. I don't realise how much I buy until its the end of the month and I pile it up on my bed and I'm like... Oh! :) xxx

  10. I love topshop...and I love nail polish...yet I've still never tried their polish!i seriously need to!:)

    1. I know! I'm like that with their make up :) xxx

  11. Love how you cut the Effaclar Duo tube in half!
    You should visit my online French skincare boutique! I just opened and stock La Roche Posay and many other brands and products, especially products that are difficult to purchase outside of France.
    Your first purchase will come with a Free Gift!
    Let me know if you have any questions or about free samples!

  12. just came across your blog and it's great, really made me giggle as well! :)
    i was impressed by you mahooossive haul, and now i need to go take serious care of my nails, yours put me to shame!
    love jess x