Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How To Achieve Long Strong Nails

Hola Amigos!
Today I'd like to share my tips, tricks and products to achieve longer stronger nails.

Now my nails are by no means perfect but over the last year they have actually transformed from weak bendy little things to hardened talons that people often mistake for falsies...

 I'm like *flicks hair over shoulders*  "n'uh these are all mine baaaybeee!"

Like most things though when they are completely naked they just aren't as pretty to look at... sort of like a face without a shred of make up, do you know what I'm saying? 

I mean we've all seen the gorgeous Mila Klunis looking worse for wear without her slap (how reassuring was that though) and I reckon David Beckham without his tight white boxers still has yakky looking danglers!!

Aaaaaanyway.... Back on track (stop picturing nakey davey!) 
I'm not a smoker... Possibly a touch of tanning stainage!

My Mani Must Haves
All products available from QVC
Leighton Denny features heavily in my my manicure kit and his crystal nail files sit firmly in the COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIVE WITHOUT category.
I can saw away at my nails (yes back and forth) without damaging and I always have one on hand to deal with any potentially life ruining  snags... 

A good polish remover is a must as you don't want all your lovely hard work being undone by drenching your nails in paint stripper! I currently use Leighton Denny Essential Remover which has no real nastiness in and actually makes nails look and feel super clean and refreshed.

I love a good buff (oy oy) and nothing says TAAARAAAA to ridges and HIYAAAA to shine like Mr D's buffing trio.
Be warned though, don't over buff as you'll make your nails as weak as water regardless of which brand you use. I tend to give the nails the full trio treatment once every 6- 8 weeks. 

*Hark the holy grail fanfare*

The Pro Strong products are in the COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIVE WITHOUT category too. 

(YES I'm high maintenance but I know that I am and the first step to dealing with such difficult spirited 'characteristics' is recognising you have them so it's fine, worry not! :)

TRUE STORY- I started using pro strong in August 2012 and my nails did not snap, break or bend until Boxing Day 2012 (I jammed my thumb in a car door... no spacial awareness whatsoevaaaah)
I had been filing them though so don't be picturing my hands with disgustingly long claws that curl around like tree branches mind! 
As if!

Anyway the Pro Strong regime is a daily one but a simple one.
The Fluoride Strengthener and Calcium Supplement are liquid formulas that are absorbed into the nails so no waiting around for them dry. 
Simply brush the fluoride strengthener over each nail then apply the calcium supplement then finally reapply the fluoride.

 It actually takes longer to explain it than it does to do it. All in all I reckon about 2-3 minutes out of your daily life.
Ooh and it can be applied to bare nails OR over polish so it doesn't interrupt your colourful creations.

Cuticle Corner *hangs head in shame and shuffles akwardly* I have to be honest and admit I've always been a bit shocking when it comes to my cuticle care. I often cringe at my nails pics thinking "eeee look at the state of  them cuticles" but only recently did I actually do something about
it by investing in Leighton Denny Remove and Rectify which does exactly as the name suggests. Used alongside his Hoof Stick my cuticles are fast improving... not totally perfect yet (it was big repair job!) but exercising some patience as I have only been using for the last week. 

Rome wasn't built in a day n all that!.
If nails are dry then they become brittle and brittle nails SNAP.
Oils are an absolute must in preventing dehydrated, peeling and tired nails.

I apply cuticle oil like it's going out of fashion and at the minute I'm whipping out Leighton Denny Slick Tips (it smells of lemons... so lushy).
OPI Avoplex Oil is another favorite.

I'm on the fence with Nail Hardeners that promise growth and strength, I use and like OPI's Nail Envy but only since using the Pro Strong System, before that the results were sorta 'blah'. 
I would definitely encourage wearing some sort of protectant every day though, be it a simple slick of clear polish or a full blown artsy mani.

And hand cream hand cream hand cream... Anything that gives nails and cuticles a drink is a win!
Plus hands show the first signs of ageing, keep em moisturised!

Anyway I'm off to paint my nails as I can't be dealing with the 'stripped' look, almost as traumatic as leaving the house without a gel filled bra :)

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Love K xxxxxx

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  1. Oh my I'm still picturing nakey davey!!! Haha! I seriously need to stop biting my nails *slaps wrist* and get beautiful long nails like you!xxx

    1. Haha definitely worst things to picture :) Kaaaaatie stop being a lil biter, wait until I see you on the 10th xxxx

  2. I couldn't stop giggling all the way through this, what an uplifting & funny post, whilst remaining informative! Will definitely be taking these tips on board :) I've voted for you in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards too :) xx


    1. Aw Becky thank you so much :) dead pleased you enjoyed and so über happy you took the time to vote xxxx

  3. I LOVE your writing style, too entertaining! Your nails look amazing laydee, I've started taking better care of mine this year and I'm already loving it but you are my nail-spiration, I cant wait to hit this length! I'd never heard of the Pro-Advanced treatments .. Will have to keep an eye out for these because although I use Nail Envy religiously I cant say I've gone much over a week without a peeling nail here, snap there, several bends etc..

    rachelle xo

    1. Thank you so much, couldn't stop smiling when I read your comment!xxx

  4. Love your nails, they look gorgeous and I will definitely be trying these tips! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. Hope they work for you :) and thanks xxx

  5. I love your nails agree a zillion percent about the crystal file best purchase EVER!

  6. Amazing nails! Loved this post, really helpful as I have such awful / brittle nails :( will definitely be giving these products a go
    Lydia Rose

    1. Thank you and I hope they work for you xxx

  7. Oh your nails are bloody amazing! I want themmmm. *looks down at own stumps*
    I've tried OPI Nail Envy and wasn't impressed, so maybe I need to introduce my nails to Leighton Denny hmmm...

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Yes and the pro strong will really strengthen them holly xxx

  8. I'm trying to grow mine but they keep breaking :(

    Annie | www.raspberphobia.com

    1. Mine used to be wick for peeling and bending but the pro strong really sorted them xx

  9. Ahhhh this post is amazing Kattttte! It had me laughing throughout :D nakey davey comment was the most hilarious comment I've EVER seen in a blog post haahah <3 <3 <3 xxxxxx

  10. Any excuse for beckham break though gem :) xxx