Saturday, 18 May 2013

Haulin Over April

Alright Sugars?? Are we sweet? After a good few weeks of pure stress (major job interview)  which are hopefully behind me (nailed it... got the job!) I'm feeling better than I have done in a while, although I remain completely exhausted... don't think I appreciated how much effort goes into worrying about things beyond my control!

So between bouts of stress and screaming panic it would seem I didn't lose the ability to buy like no ones watching!!! Here a few bits and pieces (that I remembered or aren't still hidden!!) bought throughout the month of April!! Is it bad that I know there must be more... Somewhere...

Me April Babies

Ok so here goes kids...

I'm a nail junkie, I love my polishes and I gravitate towards Nails Inc and Leighton Denny every single time. I defy anyone to resist the charms of Leighton, his Leeds accent, his skill and just general loveliness... I actually set reminders on my phone when he's on QVC so that I don't miss him and his glamorous assistant Nina!!! I want to be his friend, I want to do shots with him!!!  Watch and you'll know exactly what I mean!

This is his Weekend Away Collection and I've been mostly wearing the Orange and the Light Blue.
L-R Breakfast in Bed, Get a Room, Do Not Disturb & Honeymoon Suite

Nails Inc is another weakness... This is the Sugar Rush Collection... How ssschweet? I've swatched all of these shades with the exception of the Emerald Nail Jewelry... Thinking its more Christmasy?? Although I could set off my distressed leather All Saints Gladiator Sandals with it... Now there's a thought!
L-R Piccadilly Arcade, Pudding Lane, Maida Vale, Notting Hill Gate, Haymarket &Wellington Square

The Nails Inc Nude Shimmer Collection... Haven't even tried any of these yet, might have an experiment tonight though. And I made the school boy error of buying same shade twice... spot the duplicate! AGAIN!!!
L-R Maida Vale, Lanesborough Place, Lowndes Square, Electric Lane, Chester Street & Marylebone
Nails Inc Caviar Base and Top Coat... heard great things so felt the need to jump on the band wagon... no complaints but the paint from the cap is peeling... not a good omen!!
Leighton Denny Miracle Drops, I go through so many of these and probably use way more than I'm supposed to but they are fabulous and make your nails touch dry within seconds! Ooh also bought some Leighton Crystal Nail Files but forgot to take their pic... amazing though, the only file I'll use!!
Miracle Drops almost empty... have the reserve drawer to raid though!

Now keeping with the QVC theme I recently bought/splurged on some Mally Products... This is another person who is on my I WANNA HANG OUT WITH YOU list (Hey here's a thought Kate... maybe get a life!!)  You can read my review on Mally's Lip Treatment HERE

I bought most of the stuff as a TSV (todays special value for you non-qvcers!) and have only really used the Mascara (HELLO HOLY GRAIL!) and the under eye brightener. Would have paid the TSV price for these alone. The primer I have already but I love a little reserve stock :)
Mally fan or what!!!

The Illuminating Body Shine is simply Glow in a handy lil stick... Apply/run over your skin for instant shimmer, it glistens on your skins and reflects the light. And lets be honest here, no matter what your skin tone, if you're planning on getting your pins out then them shins should shine. No question!!!

The Ultimate Performance Liquid Liner wins points for making me feel like a Bond Girl... Looks like a gun and in terms of wearability it is indeed BULLET PROOF! Seriously should be concealing this secret weapon in my hold ups or something!! Also you want cat eyes? Feline this like!
How cool is the liquid liner... seriously though?

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation...   At £44.50 I've bought cheaper foundations...
And I think I actually recoiled in horror at the sheer titchy size of the bottle!!! Practically threw myself on the floor!! Eventually I composed myself though and realised that sometimes it needs to be quality over quanity (was actually gritting teeth muttering this better be good!!) And now... I'm love with this product and you need only the tiniest amount... It honestly makes your skin look fresh, clear and plumped up... No caking or creasing or sitting in pores.
Believe me this photo is ZOOOMED IN! 

And what's a month without MAC??? I was so desperado for Betty Bright from the Archie's Girls Collection I bought it via ebay (brand new and boxed) and so pleased I did. Then our Rihanna gave us RiRiWoo so I obviously just had to get it and then I wanted another to qualify for free delivery. Couldn't decide between Morange or Impassioned so got both... DO YOU SEE HOW IT SPIRALS???
Ooh the excitement!!!
Lined up ready for some lippy action!
L-R Impassioned, Morange, RiriWoo, Betty Bright

I haven't even tried any except Betty bright... whats that about!!!

Benefit Fake Up Concealer...  I won't go into any great detail as every blogger and their beautilicous granny has reviewed these... I bought both light and dark shades as I use for days when I have time to contour and sculpt.
Benefit pull another blinder with the packaging

Benefit Sun Beam... Not used yet as I'm uber pale but going out at end of the month... getting a spray tan,  the works, so thinking it will be debuting then!!!
If you've got high beam and moon beam then surely the next sensible step is... SUN BEAM!

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes...   I'm clueless when it comes to brushes or any sort of technical application so imagine my surprise to find out that you don't use your fingers to apply foundation!! Since finding out i've been committing make-up's cardinal sin for the last 15 years I quickly got my act together and switched up to using brushes  when I have the time  all the time! Currently I use MAC brushes and if you ignore the hairs they kindly shed on your face then they are great... But Real Techniques are where its at (they reckon!) so I got the Core Collection and Stippling Brush... can't review as they are still in the packaging!!
They look the part don't they... tres prfoessional!

Are you still with me??? Thanks if so... I realise there has been mucho products!

Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Body Wash as recommended by Catrine who I see as my beauty guru (and she's a fellow QVC-er!) I bought a litre as I don't do things by halves... pleased i did and will most definitely be re-purchasing!! I have a houseful of boyos and they are all mucky pups!
Love this so much can't see it lasting too long!!
 Lush's Mask Of Magnaminty is the Dogs B's for attacking breakouts and you can see by the usage I've 'clearly' (i wish!) been experiencing more than my fair share of them! *SOBS*

Most used product of the month...

Blog sale goodies... Including a Chanel Lippy (worn on interview day) and a MAC Hello Kitty Blusher which reminds me of DollyMix, fabulous!
The Blusher is WAAAAY BRIGHTER in real life!

Soap and Glory goodies... body wash, body butter and foot cream... Summer body S.O.S or what!!!
Soap Glory... prep me up please!

And finally because I'm like a child.... A few little things bought from the Beauty Temple that is Asda... Yes I should of been food shopping  in the fruit and veg aisle but hey what's a little detour??? 
I have no explanation for these... I don't need nor particularly want this set... Blaming pre-interview panic nerves
Been after this Rimmel Eye Pencil for aaaaages... Always sold out in boots! Nude is the new white for the waterline doncha know ladies and gents!
I have no words!! pointless little balls that again will have limited use!!! Couldn't just buy one impulsively... oh no it had to be two!!!

I won't bother posting my Body Shop buys as I blogged about them last month... You can read that HERE

So April was a canny month... I'm about to decorate my house so I'm thinking beauty purchases in May will be more tame! She says....

Anything your loving??? Love reading all your comments and I reply to all :)



  1. I love your haul posts a lady after my own heart xx

  2. Congrats on the job Kate where's it at? Wow you have been shopping haven't you??? haha xx

    1. Aaah I love to shop... And spend!! Job was for the permanent position of my current role :) xxx

  3. Wow I love those mac lippies u got :) and I've been hoarding on real techniques and soap n glory products lastly as well :)
    TiTi's Corner!

    1. It's all part of the prep for summer :) xx

  4. OMG this is an AMAZING haul!!! I bloody love everything you bought.. especially Betty Bright! So gutted I didn't snap that one up. I got RiRi but wont wear it haha, so giving it away on my blog. I also bought MAC's Feel My Pulse and MAC's Raspberry Swirl and wont wear them either :( but no one wants to buy them off me haha xxxx
    Gemma | ♥

    1. Gem! I'll take the feel my pulse off your hands :) xx

  5. I'm finally going to get those brushes next month. I have ALWAYS applied my make up with (clean and sterilized) hands. It's only in the last year or two that I actually started using brushes for my eyeshadow :x I reckon it's time to get my face to catch up.

    1. I know brushes seem to be where it's at :) have you tried the beauty blender? I've got one but still in packaging!xxx

  6. Well done on the job you lil beaut!!! You remind me so much of catrine espesh with the tsv's haha, jealous of all these purchases :(( xxx

    1. Qvc obsessed! Haha need to get out more maybe :) xxx

  7. Wow all these purchases are fab!! Loving the nails inc collection sets and the MAC lilies and blush. I've currently just got RT stippling brush and need to buy more of there brushes let me know how the you found the core collection xx

    1. I'll let you know as soon as I use them :) table Kayleigh xxx

  8. wowowowow, great post, love the leighton denny nail varnishes as I'm a big fan of them. I followed :) xx

    1. He's amazing isn't he! I've got such a collection of his varnishes... Proper hoarder!!! Xxx

  9. Wow huge haul! I'm so jealous you got such nice things, especially the MAC lipsticks! xx

    1. Can't wait to wear them :) xxx

  10. The Kensington caviar topcoat and basecoat are great - I hope your enjoying them! They're my nail staples :)
    Yinyin xx

    1. They are fabulous aren't they cxx

  11. This post made me laugh so much, beauty buying always spirals out of control. I have just picked up a few soap and glory products, and mainly clothes for me up and coming holidays :)


    1. Oohing have a lovely holiday :) xxx

  12. Hello beaut!

    Loved reading this one! You style of writing always makes me smile. Lively and keeps me interested. You could write chick-lit novels even haha.

    Anywaaay, lots of lovely Nails Inc shades on my wishlist now thanks to this :) And we are so alike, I also bought MAC lippies in Morange and Impassioned, the same Real Techniques brushes and the rimmel scandaleyes liner in nude to neutralise redness on my waterlines. I was gonna save up for MAC brushes but don't know if I will now as these beauties are sooo good!

    indie xx

  13. Aw Indie thank you :) might try my hand at novels one day... Struggle to concentrate on anything for too long though! I'd stick with real techniques, Mac brushes deposit hair over your face which is tres annoying :) xxxx