Friday, 17 May 2013

April Empties!

Alright lovelies, how we doing? Hope everyone is grand. I'm hoping you guys are in just the fettle to have a gander at some empty bottles! And boy oh boy I have a few!

I tend not to accumulate many 'empties' as I always have quite a lot of everything on the go at any one time,  and unless I have a 'back up' stash then I avoid finishing anything I love until I can rest easy in repurchased knowledge... Aaaand reeelax!

Any products I'm not feeling well hey I have a husband and two sons who reap those benefits!

Me little lot!

So what have we got then??? All mentioned products are pictured...

Elemis goodies... Without doubt one of my favourite brands so it goes without saying I have some of these in reserve... The Gentle Rose Exfoliator is gorgeously delicate and can be used daily... Not enough grit to qualify for weekly scrub treatment though. The pro-collagen marine creams are without a shadow of doubt holy grail status and you can read my review on these HERE . The Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir and Nourishing Shower Cream smell divine (I'm talking DEEEE-VINE!) and perfect for de-stressing. And boy I've been 'up-a-height' lately... hence the empties :)

Benefit PosyTint, of course I've got more of this, I love it, and pinky doll-esque cheeks look oh so pretty with or without help from mr tan in can. Bye bye to Belle Bamba though... No repurchase sadly as I like but do not love it,  and put simply, there's better pink blushers out there for me.

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed, self heating scrubby mask thingy... Will definitely buy again at some point, enjoyed this immensely as love to pamper and this feels em well... novelty. Thats it! It feels novelty and who doesn't love that!

Lush Tea Tree Toner Spray... Hadn't used a toner in years before this and this was nice BUT for me it was used more as a spray to refresh and revitalise, not sold on its use as an actual toner- perhaps to light? Too gentle? Sadistic as it sounds I like to feel a tingle and tighten (Yes still talking toners... eeesh!)

Tea Tree Oil and Bio Oil... I get through a ton of teatree oil every month (more than the picture would have you believe!!) I use it in my bath, when I steam and after I wash my face... I always have a break out somewhere, I reckon i've almost singlehandedly been keeping the teatree oil industry in business since 1996!!! I am indeed that lucky... SIGH!
 Bio Oil I use less regularly but always have one on the go... Keeps skin soft and stops scarring (Ode to Bio Oil... 2 children, no stretch marks)

The Hair Masque smells like refreshers and makes hair super shiny... 'Nuff said! Can't remember if it was V05 or Loreal... I will check once I'm home (Keeping it classy by raking through green bin!)

And finally Nivea Eye Make-Up Remover... I hated it, it was ineffective and it kept leaking! So its good riddance to that one... Can't love em all!

So thats it! Me empties!
What have you been loving and using? Any thoughts?

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Mwah xxxx


  1. OMG I would cry if I had to bin a Benefit Box Powder! Did you finish it? I bet that took you aaaaaages though haha xx

    Gemma | ♥

    1. Oh every last crumb was gone!!! I probably lost chunk towards the end as it cracked :( I've kept the box xxx

  2. You know what, I've never tried Elemis. A lot of eople rave about it, but have seen some lovely offers on QVC.


    1. It's so gorgeous, I adore the brand. And now addicted :) xxx

  3. I keep thinking about trying Bio Oil but haven't sprung for it yet. Does it have a scent?

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics

    1. It doesn't smell amazing, it's does smell of something but fairly inoffensive... :) xxx