Thursday, 21 November 2013

Morning Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys and Dolls
Today I'm sharing with you my morning routine.
 (Minus the incessant pressing of the snooze button and gentle screaming encouragement at my boys to GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!!)

It looks like a lot doesn't it?
I guess it is but it's all part of my bid to tame the queen of bitches that is my skin! Seriously it still hasn't decided if it wants to be sensitive, spotty, oily or flaky... often it can be all of those things at once!

I just know my Grandma will see this and say  (in your best Geordie accent please)
 "eeee al av ever used is watta nd a flannel nd av nivva had a spot yit, folk use owa much noo-a-days"

Clearly Grandma I've not been blessed with your genes!

So basically I use a gel or foaming cleanser in the morning to freshen my face and help wake my ass up. Currently using Elemis Fresh Skin Gel Wash which is lovely and brightening and satisfyingly tightening! It's also aimed at younger skin so I find it a delightful little ego boost that it works well for me!... makes me feel all young and precious! 
I use the Clarisonic religiously and love the deep cleaning, pore emptying results it gives. That said I really must improve my attitude to replacing the brushes though... oopsie! 

I ALWAYS ALWAYS splash my face with cold water before allowing a towel to touch it. (or come within 10 metres of it actually... can't be too careful!)
 I've done it for years and it's an odd little 'quirk' but I was told many moons ago that ice water closes your pores and stops any dirt getting in. (I know i know) I'm set in my ways and it's too late trying to change me now :)

After washing  I give my face and neck a quick sweep of Clarins Exfoliating toner then Yves Rocher Clarifying lotion. I wouldn't be without the Clarins (I have stock) and the Yves Rocher is a mattifying gel that probably doesn't qualify for repurchase status.

Tea Tree Oil is always a standard, I'm not sure I ever (EVAAAAH) have a day where there's not blemishes... yes plural *throws self on floor and sobs*  

If I'm having a no make up day then I use my Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules or my Decleor Aromessence Neroli Face Oil. I find these boost hydration and leave my skin supple. 
There's certainly nothing in the myth that adding oil to oily skin makes it worse... quite the opposite for me.
(That may of been another pearl of Grandma wisdom)

Sakare Eye Cream- I picked this up in London and the story behind it will require a post of it's very own. It's good though. If I can face the ordeal again I'd quite like to get another.
I rotate a few moisturisers at any one time (to keep my skin on its toes) and currently it's Elemis ProCollagen Marine Cream and Decleor Hydra Floral that are floating my boat. They are both UHMEZZING and PCMC is most definitely a holy grail product.

La Roche-Posay sunscreen- I always wear this if I'm doing the bare faced chic 'look' as I find it beautifully mattifying as well as being a shield against all the nasty UVAs and UVBs... apparently those guys penetrate even the darkest clouds on the coldest days so we aren't safe even if it's minus temperatures outside.
Bit dramatic like but that's how I roll!!

Aaaaand finally a bit of Blistex Relief Cream. The perfect lip protector. It smells satisfyingly medicinal so you know it's working. I do about three tubes a month. (excessive) 

So there we go. That's my morning routine which in fairness is keeping my complexion as near clear and flawless as I think I'll ever get, as finding the perfect skin care routine is something I'm yet to conquer. 
I've done it all, from just using face wipes to throwing triple the amount of products at my face!

Maybe there's a magic potion?Is there a miracle product out there? Is there? Is there?
I know the answer doesn't lie within facial wipes though and I'll leave you with Caroline Hiron's theory about face wipes... they are for the THREE F's... festivals, flights and fannys!

On that note... Taaaaaaraaaaaa


k xxxxxxx

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  1. Try Homeoplasmine for your blemishes :-) x

  2. Fab products. Balance me Face oil and alpha gold really helped me. Plus zinc and fish oil supplements are great petal.

    1. Plus I hate spots too!!!! Dirty horrible little buggers need to do one ASAP! Xx

  3. Some great products there! I love the Clarins toner too, I'm still sobbing since running out last month :( I've got the Pixi Glow Tonic now and it's also incredible and a bit cheaper too, so holding off on the Clarins for a while! I'm never without a spot or two either, and I haven't found any miracle workers so far in my eternal search

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Elemis products are a must for me. My skin can be oily, flaky and dehydrated at the same time too lol, xoxo.

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  6. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can have a look at my post over here!! :)) xx

  7. I really want a clarasonic! I've heard so many good things about them!


  8. I love my Clarisonic brush, it's def sorted out the worst of my crazy temperamental skin!!!

  9. You've got so many lovely products! I really want to try some Elemis products :)

  10. It's good to use these products, but you need to spend a lot of time to do so.. Although you are following a good routine to keep your skin fresh and glowing.