Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dotty Angel Effect Nails of The Day

Alright my sweets? I was bored the other night and decided to have a little faff on with my nails. Now I say bored but what I actually mean is that in a bid to prevent myself from spending the evening eating pizza or dunking biscuits I did my nails as I can't indulge whilst they are wet!!! 

Hashtag Logic or what???

So for my nails of the day (I'm cheating as these were from the last week!) I went for pretty yet muted tones and PEZZAZZED them up with some polka dots and sparkle.

For the colours I  used Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent and Nails Inc Holland Park Gardens which I think look rather cute together... the little dots just make it all the more sweeter. 

Pembridge Crescent is the most neutral of purples, it's
a grey toned lilac really. It's not shimmery nor metallic and it looks lovely on the nail... I was half tempted to do the entire mani in this colour but that would of resulted in me ordering a pizza and I'd already had me tea!!!

Holland Park Gardens is a pale almost on the sage spectrum of the mint green world... it's cool toned so flattering for ghostly skin (*holds hands up*) or would set a tan off nicely. Again its fairly muted and understated so both colours complimented each other equally.

The polka dots were in the same colour scheme and I love a spotty nail... Only thing is they make my eyes go funny if I admire them for too long!!!

Now to stop me reaching for the bar of galaxy bubbles that was calling my name from the fridge add a little extra wowza factor and because my nails are in dire need of some Leighton love, I applied Leighton Denny's Angel Effect to the remaining nails. 

The Angel Effect is like little fairies are taking a nap on your nails, its iridescent and shimmery and picked up the purple and green beautifully. It reminds me of wings, you know when you're little and bugs n creatures are fascinating? Well think of perhaps dragon fly wings (not blue bottles as they are dirty mingers and so not vision I'm trying to create....) Also it doesn't catch so it's like a minimal chipping risk. 

Its a chow on to remove (as with any effects polish) so cover nails in remover soaked cotton wool and wrap foil around finger tips and leave for five minutes.

I've left the flash on the last two pictures so you can see the Angel Effect better... 
Ok so what do we think of these nails? Love or loathe :) I wore this for two days straight and no chippsies, but I got bored and removed before I noticed any peeling or what have you.

Love love love reading and replying to all your comments, thoughts and questions. I reply to all but feel free to ask or chat about anything on my twitter... links at top of page :)

Love k



  1. Wowzaz! Love it Kate. Think I actually might take your pic to Homebase and get them to mix me up some matching paint for the spare room.

    I'm off into Durham to buy some varnish. Had the same one on for 36 hours.... PANIC.

    It's a shame I've perfected the art of holding a glass of wine with wet nails. No incentive to stop.

    Mwahzies xx


    1. Love this comment :) utterly hilaire! Xxxx

  2. Kate your work of art has inspired me to start wearing nail varnish, something that I have never felt confident to do in the past. I now have a few nail varnishes adding up in my collection thanks to you and ur creativity. Keep up good work I love this sight. Xxxx

    1. Aw that's lovely, thank you xxx

  3. I love the glitter, these look so cute! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. Aw thanks, got to add a little bit glitz though :) xx

  4. Great nail ideas! I must try these.
    Adela x


    1. They were dead easy too :) xxx

  5. This is gorgeous! I never would have thought to combine the 2!!
    Love the Leighton Denny stuff, I'm hoping to try the Revlon (is it Revlon?! May have made that up...) version soon :)

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Aw thanks :) I think it is revlon, they've got a few colours too I think xxx

  6. Lovely Blog!!Great post! You might like my blog, I'm gonna add you to my list :D. If you get some time check it out!!

    Embur xx


    1. Aw thank you :) of course I'll check yours too. Xxx

  7. Total logic haha love how they turned out .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  8. Ms. Kate! This is sooooooo adorable! :)