Sunday, 17 March 2013

Collagen? Yes Please!

OK so like anything else I've ever done the whole blogging thing sort of slipped after it's initial top speed momentum! Typically as with any fad my attention span has faded and my mind has wandered before I even have the chance to dust myself down and decide what to do next BUT not in this case. My blog is still very much my baby. Infact I've found myself thinking of my baby with every purchase and application of something that promises to make beautiful!

My lack of typed thoughts can be blamed on a one HELLUVA chest infection. Which I also hold entirely responsible for ruining my 30th birthday weekend (more about that in an upcoming birthday blog...) Back to this though...

So I guess this post is a little review on a recent Elemis Pro-collagen set bought as a Qvc Tsv.
First off as I've previously mentioned my skin is prone to tantrums and huffs, it's stroppy and difficult to keep a balanced control of. So like me it takes some impressing...

The set itself contains pro-radiance cream cleanser and face cloth, PC Marine Cream (day pot and night pot), PC Quartz Lift Mask and the PC Advanced Eye Treatment. An extra little wow factor is the PCMC being in limited edition packaging, looks fabulous on the dressing table ladies.

I'm a huge fan of elemis products as I tend to think they do as they promise, and they can create that spa from your own humble bathroom sort of luxury. That said I'm giving the cleanser to my Mam as it's a tad heavy on my skin for every day use. I've replaced it with Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing facial wash and the occasional Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub.

The PC range is hugely popular and there has been many a blog letting us know we should bow down to the greatness that is Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (and we should) however the stand out product for me is the PC eye treatment.



I've just turned 30 (my hands took on a tremor as I typed that!) So I'm starting to think about prevention in a massive way, I'm lucky enough not to have any wrinkled wrinkles as yet but don't want my fine laughter lines spoiling my fun in the future :) HORRIFIC THOUGHT, enough about growing old now please.

So the application is simple, two drops patted gently around eye area morning and night before moisturiser.
And it hasn't even made you late for work as it drys within seconds. Skin feels a lil tighter initially (thats the magic working its er magic)! but not uncomfortably so and within seconds the skin around eyes is plumped up and smoother than it was before (cast your mind back to photos circa the millennium!)

The PC Quartz Lift Mask is a treat too, i have been leaving on my face once a week under the PC night cream and I must say my skin is peachy plumped up and perfect upon wakening (am I giving the image of little birdies bringing me my dressing gown too ala snow white?)

Anyway before I digress to Disney Princesses (warned you about the attention deficit didn't I!) Its safe to say I'm loving this set, skin is looking the freshest it has in months and a few people (ok so just my mam and husband but I have been poorly so haven't been able to show my results off to the wider world!) have commented I have a bit of a glow. (and no I'm not pregnant!)

Anyone else a diehard Elemis fan? Or have you found something entirely different to what I did?
Would love to know what you all think :)

Kate xxx


  1. Ooh, I like the sound of the eye treatment...I'm 29 (*shudder*) and feel like I need to step up my eye skincare! x

    1. Can honestly recommend this, it may avoid a turning 30 melt down :) xx

  2. I'm yet to try the Quartz Lift Mask but I'm really tempted now! Really like the cream cleanser but it's not the best at removing mascara.

    1. The cream cleanser is lovely as an occasional treat, I use every so often whilst lying in the bath with warm flannel on my face. I found it clogged my pores when I used it daily.

      Any recommendations for a gentle but fabulous eye make up remover would be welcomed :)

  3. I am such a massive fan of elemis, i was so gutted that i missed out on this TSV :( the day and the night cream are just fantastic! xx

  4. I love elemis it has to be said, I'm on the wait list for the cleansing balm. I read your review and I'm even more excited for the delivery in April.

  5. Great post and it's such a great value TSV! I wish I'd bought it but I already have about 3 boxes of Elemis stuff I need to get through lol!
    I'm using the new Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm at the moment and it's fantastic!

    1. Aw thank you, I enjoyed writing it, conscious I could of raved about elemis all day though so I tried not ramble too much :)
      I'm on the wait list for the cleansing balm, it's coming in April and I'm dead excited. Wish I'd bought the Tsv twice as the value is amazing
      Thanks for reading

  6. Hi
    I am a Huge Elemis fan
    Love qvc tsv's really worth it as you get great sets for amazing value
    Did you get the last one few months ago had the new cleansing balm & flash balm
    I have a Huge elemis stash